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(psychoanalysis) the internalization of the parent figures and their values

(psychology) unconscious internalization of aspects of the world (especially aspects of persons) within the self in such a way that the internalized representation takes over the psychological functions of the external objects

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Mourning is determining: Giorgio's relentless self-concern arises from his mother's introjection of him.
Thus, when "cryptonymy" uncovers the "word-thing" that has been incorporated into the intra-psychic "crypt," it uncovers a word that is already a substitute, already part of the process of introjection.
Affected by the imagos intertwined in a play of negative transferences(16) that bring the past onto the present, Agustin displaces his ancient imagos, the representations that fix the experiences of brutality acquired by previous introjections excluded from his consciousness, onto Edwina.
This is how the literal ingestion of foods becomes introjection when viewed figuratively.
the role of introjection and projection in identity;
This culturally constructed family, moreover, signifies the resolution of loss through the work of mourning - not however, through the reinstatement of positive parental images, but through the introjection of the lost brother, a process that displaces patriarchal authority in favor of a more horizontal structure of relations.
Team-sport athletes, likewise, reported greater IM stimulation and lower EM introjection than individual-sport athletes, suggesting greater overall perceptions of self-determination in their experience of sport (Brennan, 1986).
Tilm's introjection of QANG was of the same intensity and this was articulated in their mutual pledge as to what they would do if the other were to die first.
The progression from chapter to chapter moves from literal to metaphorical, from masculine to feminine, from the material to the spiritual, from state legislation to its psychological introjection.
identified--because it is genuinely figural--with introjection by
Travis identifies an even stronger concept of reading agency in Toni Morrison's Beloved, which emphasizes cultural difference but seeks "a less defensive way of responding to otherness than by introjection or rejection" (15).
Object relations assumes that "by projection and introjection human beings live in two worlds at once, the inner mental world and the external material world and constantly confuse the two" (Guntrip, 1974; p.
In an earlier work I have shown how Ngarinyin people of the northern Kimberley, in Western Australia, articulate kinship relationships in both centripetal and centrifugal modalities, marking explicit sites of introjection of significant others onto the body in the process of constituting the self, and extending the kinship web indefinitely outwards towards the boundaries of the known world to make relative strangers into 'strange relatives' (Redmond 2001).
The ramifications of the trauma-the lack of a secure base, the psychic split that exiles the wounded parts of herself, the creation of an insubstantial false self, the negative introjection of the perpetrator, and the permeation of shame and guilt into core aspects of herself-combine to form a seemingly impenetrable and often undecipherable wall between the survivor and her significant others" (Fisher, 2005, p.
Fanon's work offers a tour-de-force of this with regards to the introjection of shame and inferiority at his own blackness (Fanon 1968).