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(psychoanalysis) parental figures (and their values) that you introjected as a child

incorporate (attitudes or ideas) into one's personality unconsciously

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Their inclination to introject the reactions of their reference groups to the output may be an indication of the level of the likelihood that what they perceive to be that "real" reactions would influence their ultimate reactions to the output.
Moreover, those who had perceived their transfer to the sibling as an abandonment or rejection, may not have succeeded in forming the stable, positive introject of the mother which would have allowed them to reassure or comfort themselves.
He urged me not to introject or accept the mistaken prestige and authentification hierarchies that academic institutions cherish as part of an institutional assessment of the value of one's publications.
African Americans too, from their own needs and understandings, learned to introject clock time.
6) As his introject she is energised by his non-differentiated libidinal-aggressive effluence.
You are dirty, ugly, uncaring, and irresponsible in your ways," is the message a group of children introject from the school librarian who blames the street's litter on them.
By "play[ing] on the boundaries of other narrative voices," this "transgressive and illuminating" mode of narration (Richardson 314) acts as a necessary corrective to our theories and practices of fiction: its role is to introject "a ludic element of self-consciousness" (316) that calls a number of narrative components (the identity of the voice, the scope of focalization, the nature of the narrative transaction) into question.
He is a concrete introject of the relationship between QANG and that specific person who, I have no doubts, had some unsettled score of a financial kind, and QANG knew that.
The identification of Falstaff with the melancholic cat or of Macbeth with the fierce baited bear allows each character to introject the ontological order of the world in such a way that each is produced as "emotionally justified, ethically naturalized, and humorally subjectified" (145).
Richter's paintings, which treat a portrait, a landscape, or an abstraction as equivalent, introject the camera's horrific indifference to any subject.
To introject a wish, a grief, or a situation is to dispose of it through language in a communion of empty mouths.
influence of the introject upon the partial subject that results in the
Henry and Strupp (1994) found sufficient evidence to assert "a theoretically coherent link between early actions by parents toward the therapist, the therapist's adult introject state, vulnerability to counter-therapeutic process with their patients and differential outcome" [of a treatment] (p.
And this is why it is evidently the case that her man's phallic introject is a good internal object which bolsters up her soul's struggle to acquire the powers that come from outside the sphere of domesticity and the potentials of her self circumscribed by it.
Falstaff's identification with a melancholy cat thus "may be self-interested, but it is not sentimental," nor is it merely anthropomorphic projection; instead it serves "to introject the natural, God-given self-sameness of cat melancholy--expressed in flesh and fur and howling--into an emotionally justified, ethically naturalized, and humorally subjectified Falstaff" (121).