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entrance or opening to a hollow organ or tube (especially the vaginal opening)

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2-5] The hydrostatic method is performed in an operating theatre with the woman in the lithotomy position; sterile water or normal saline is rapidly instilled into the vagina using a fluid-giving set with a tight seal at the introitus using hands or preferably a silastic ventouse cup.
13) Murphy and Brant, (14) published a case with severe vaginal adhesions that led to the fusion of introitus.
On February 7, granulation tissue had developed at the introitus with continued healing.
At times, it is big enough to distend the vagina or even comes out of the introitus.
El Requiem, como misa catolica que es, esta dividido en ocho grandes partes: I) Introitus (coro y soprano); II) Kyrie (coro); III) Secuentia, dividida a su vez en seis partes: Dies Irae (coro), Tuba Mirum (Bajo, cuarteto y coro); Rex Tremendae (coro), Recordare (cuarteto), Confutatis (coro) y Lacrimosa (coro); IV) Ofertorium, en dos partes: Domine Jesu Christe (coro) y Hostias et Preces (coro); V) Sanctus (coro); VI Benedictus (cuarteto); VII Agnus Dei (coro); y VIII Communio (coro y soprano) que recoge la plegaria del inicio: Senor, dales el descanso eterno y que la luz perpetua los ilumine para toda la eternidad.
From its imposing Introitus and Kyrie, it is a work driven on by memorable contributions from the chorus with each new passage of music seeming to surpass the last in intensity and colour.
Clinical features include sudden abdominal or pelvic pain, with or without vaginal bleeding, and sudden protrusion of a mass through the vagina (4) Occasionally, patients may be asymptomatic, and notice an undefined swelling of the vaginal introitus.
Women have corresponding structures, but are notable for lack of Cowper's glands, the presence of the inferior vagina at the level of the introitus, and the piercing of the sphincter urethrae by the inferior two -thirds of the urethra.
The discharge was labeled scanty if it was insufficient to collect on the speculum; moderate if it was sufficient to collect on the speculum and profuse if it was visible at the introitus even before speculum insertion.
Lubricants--a good first-line choice to decrease pain and increase pleasure during intercourse--are primarily designed to minimize friction and irritation around the clitoral area, the labia, and the introitus and vagina.
10) In a study of female OCP users, the labia major thickness and vaginal introitus tissue were evaluated along with sexual function via a questionnaire.
Using the MADgic laryngeal sprayer, and under the vision provided by Airtraq, a final instillation of local anesthetic was administered (2 cc of 2% lidocaine) at the level of the vocal cords and the glottic introitus.
Container was put under the introitus during the third stage of labour to collect all the blood losses and then pour the collected blood into a graduated container in order to measure the amount of blood loss.