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entrance or opening to a hollow organ or tube (especially the vaginal opening)

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Cases of narrowed introitus, multiple previous caesarean sections, and the large uteri requiring morcellation can be approached vaginally and achieved safely and efficiently with use of the above techniques.
Yaklasik 2 yil once fark ettigi genital bolgedeki kabartilari olan hastanin dermatolojik muayenesinde labia minorlerde birkac adet, introitus vajina bolgesinde cok sayida, parlak, mukoza ile ayni renkte, yumusak eritematoz papillomatoz olusumlar mevcuttu.
The Viveve System is a medical device used for the non-surgical procedure of post-birth laxity of the vaginal introitus, a medically recognized quality of life condition.
To collect cord blood, the infant was held at the level of the introitus or the mother's abdomen to prevent a significant shift of the infant's blood volume.
Intermediate circumcision: Is slightly less severe from infibulation: The clitoris and part or all labia minora are usually removed and the vaginal introitus is narrowed, most of the time by stitching.
The labial raw surfaces are stitched together to cover the urethra and vaginal introitus, leaving a small posterior opening for urinary and menstrual flow.
Patients presented with bladder (41%) and bowel (55%) symptoms, and most complained of prolapse protruding through the vaginal introitus (86%).
Over time, scarring may result in fusion of the labia and narrowing of the introitus.
With each inspiration, the mass would ball-valve into the laryngeal introitus and cause a near-total airway obstruction.
INTROITUS (in-tro-'t-us)--the medical term for sexual foreplay, an intro to coitus [an entrance to an anatomical cavity like the vagina or an opening anthem at Mass]
On pelvic examination, her left labia majoris was edematous (3 X 4 cm), with a necrotic area at the introitus (Figure).
January) hora ottava mortuus est Cardinalis Rotomagensis 1483" (ASA 107, Introitus, fol.
21) When these wounds finally heal, the introitus of the vagina is almost completely blocked.
In May of this year, Tetley created a work (his first for an American company in eight years) for Houston Ballet, set to avant-garde composer Sofia Gubaidulina's Introitus (Latin for a text or hymn which begins the liturgical Mass).