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Synonyms for introduce

Synonyms for introduce

to make known socially

to make known the presence or arrival of

to put forward (a topic) for discussion

to bring into currency, use, fashion, or practice

to put or set into, between, or among another or other things

to begin (something) with preliminary or prefatory material

Synonyms for introduce

bring something new to an environment

bring in a new person or object into a familiar environment


bring in or establish in a new place or environment

bring before the public for the first time, as of an actor, song, etc

put before (a body)

Related Words

furnish with a preface or introduction

be a precursor of

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It comes on the heels of the highly successful launch of CruiserMaxx Beans, which was introduced for the 2005 growing season as the first systemic seed treatment insecticide and fungicide combination for use on soybeans.
It introduced its first rotary-drum infrared dryer/crystallizer for PET, licensed from UPM Machinery Sales Ltd.
Nikoli's puzzle setters have introduced an arrangement of cells that is symmetrical relative to the center of the board.
Visitors to ATM will be given a preview of a mockup of Qatar Airways' revolutionary first class lounge, which will be introduced when the first Airbus A340-600 is delivered this summer.
Although Baker's Chocolate was introduced 225 years ago (in 1780), it took root 15 years earlier when Dr.
The Pell Grants Plus Act (HR 3894) was introduced on March 4, but no action has been taken on it yet.
1958: Ford Angela Cars introduced by Ali Automobiles.
The first critical technology was digital cartridge tape, introduced by IBM as the 3480 tape system, in 1984.
The same day, House Majority Leader Dick Armey (R-Texas) introduced a similar bill in the House, H.
House and Senate introduced legislation that would create admission criteria for the nation's "Long Term Acute Care" (LTAC) hospitals.
Many of the resins and reinforcements introduced at JEC, the big international composites show in Paris this spring, are intended to make molding processes faster and more efficient, especially for large parts such as wind blades.
More than 5,000 bills have been introduced since the 107th Congress convened in January 2001.
Introduced at CastExpo this year, the system enables operators to monitor and control the entire melting process, from charging to melting to tapping.
or they could resurrect two voucher proposals that were introduced last term but saw little movement.