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Slow Retreat is intricately crafted and exhibits her expert ability to express emotion and character through hand gestures and design rather than through drama.
And compared with intricately branched polymers called dendrimers, the new material appears to be more "densely knitted" in structure, rather than "crocheted:' Bianconi says.
In addition to Gilmore, Dashboard Confessional also enlisted the production skills of famed U2 collaborator Daniel Lanois, whose signature sound -- both viscerally powerful and intricately beautiful -- can be heard throughout the album.
Amid the eye-popping splashes of intricately wrought comic strips, there are pages upon pages of hilarious fake ads parodying those in Silver-Age comic books hawking seed catalogs, low-rent amusement parks and scam art schools.
The building boasts intricately carved cubic blocks of ornamental limestone and ornately detailed panels on its exterior that depict a broad range of designs.
The most decorative, the "Memory Ware Flats," are rectangular-shaped boards prepped with colored grout and then encrusted with intricately patterned beads, fake pearls, buttons, and sparkling plastic "jewels.
The story of two sisters is intricately wrapped up in the story of the old farmhouse in the heel of the boot of Italy their grandfather owned and passed down to them.
It is such details, revealing the architect's pleasure in playing with light and reflection, that add another dimension to the already intricately layered and interconnected design -- one that has been executed with supple intelligence and elegance.
Due to his long-time friendship with his main man, nicknamed "Sapo," Mercado finds himself face-to-face with the street philosopher/do-gooder Bodega, and becomes intricately tied with this street merchant's dream.
The work as a whole was intricately crafted, with each comical idea dovetailing into the next.
For 600 million years or so, these industrious creatures have transformed such inherently weak materials as calcium carbonate (chalk) into hard, shatter-resistant and intricately shaped ceramic shells.
During differentiation, certain genes become activated and other genes become inactivated in an intricately regulated fashion.
The extraordinary ground floor space--one block east of Balthazar restaurant--features intricately detailed 30-foot ceilings, majestic interior columns, dramatic chandeliers, massive windows and wonderful period details, including an original clock atop a bold marble entryway.
This is an intricately plotted novel of a family that falls apart.
The still lifes could have been memento mori--crab walk, 2003, includes an intricately stitched cigarette, the eponymous crustacean, and a grinning double-handled vase--while the portraits were queasily rendered, gunked-up imitations of works by Renaissance masters like del Sarto.