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intricately atrefact window into of a lost early society.
I think Intricately is in good shape and it is brilliant for both myself and Donnacha to have a runner in a Classic.
Lady luck was shining on them when New Bidder, Ardhoomey and Intricately all won, netting [euro]15,839.
The exhibition, which runs from August 18 to October 10, uses a number of lighting effects to display intricately engraved glass.
INTRICATELY carved oak Tudor beams have caused a stir in a Warwickshire town after being uncovered for the first time in about 400 years.
Usually, just one of the master craftsman's trademark mouse signature is worked into the of his products, so when an intricately carved the creatures comes on to the market, chequebooks start flashing.
Others see its inlaid Italian marble floors and intricately carved ceilings--three stories high in someplaces--as fine art.
Features performances by the Beijing Opera Troupe, dancers from the Beijing District Stilt Performers, intricately designed costumes and more.
Connecticut in 1965 is the setting for this intricately plotted detective story by the well-known author of The Thorn Birds and many other novels, whose skill in developing fully fleshed characters is abundantly evident.
Commissioned by a local arts college as a gathering place for art installations, classes and performances, the leaf-like structures (made from slim plastic tubes) are intricately threaded together with white polypropylene string.
Designed by acclaimed Canadian architect Ron Thom in 1970 and dedicated by Queen Elizabeth II, the cathedral contained "irreplaceable pieces of art," including six intricately woven tapestries contributed by six different communities, from Kitikmeot to Nunavik.
For those unfamiliar with Yerby, he was a real-life African American writer best known for his historical romances--those lushly detailed, intricately plotted novels so loved by the reading public.
Intricately detailing the lives of the two high-school drop-outs and the short-lived friendship between the two, Malcolm And Jack opens readers to the reality of the post-war fifties and the pretensions mentality of American's the era neared revolution.
Moorish touches include rounded arches, bell-shaped pinnacles, and intricately carved columns.