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For instance, both intrepidity and intrepidness were accepted as possible noun derivatives of the adjective stem intrepid.
Landscape photography rewards patience, intrepidness, and fortitude--the same qualities required of anyone determined to connect with the spirit of the wild.
This act is the symbol of courage and intrepidness of the young revolutionary generation against the grandeur of America, because the capture of the den of spies (US embassy) destabilized the power of America," he told a gathering of students on the eve of the anniversary.
If the natural qualities of men are uprightness, daringness, and intrepidness, the properties of the maricon are enervation, shamelessness, a manipulative nature and pride.
The degree to which readers find Graves's conclusions illuminating or persuasive will undoubtedly vary, but his intrepidness as a musician and as a thinker is impressive nonetheless.
Lembit remains a stalwart champion of Welsh affairs and an intrepid pilot - he often tests his own intrepidness and the intrepidness of his passengers.
Brittain-Catlin has certainly chosen a fascinating and important topic, and Offshore contains a lot of remarkable stories of mischief, and, sometimes, even intrepidness.