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fix firmly or securely


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id at [section] 36 ("The measure of property nature has well set by the extent of man's labour and the conveniences of life: no man's labour could subdue, or appropriate all; nor could his enjoyment consume more than a small part; so that it was impossible for any man, this way, to intrench upon the right of another, or acquire to himself a property, to the prejudice of his neighbour, who would still have room for as good, and as large a possession (after the other had taken out his) as before it was appropriated.
First, judges may condemn destructive attitudes and behaviors that lack support in law and impede our pursuit of democratic objectives: "In one field or another of activity, practices in opposition to the sentiments and standards of the age may grow up and threaten to intrench [sic] themselves if not dislodged.
Andreas's metaphoric use of the word 'vallatus', from vallare 'to surround with a rampart and palisades, to palisade, intrench, circumvallate', (22) probably inspired the Middle English poem's description of the hedge surrounding the arbor as 'thicke as a castel wall' (line 66).
Features include a unique, removable compact jaw assembly for intrench butt fusion and The Coach fusion control system, a new approach to hydraulic control for greater flexibility in user-friendly performance.