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entry of foreign matter into a blood vessel

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The researchers noted that increased intravasation can be a catalysts behind cancer spreading.
Although extracellular matrix degradation has been considered as the main MMPs mechanism of involvement in tumor invasion, followed by intravasation into circulation, extravasation, and migration to metastatic sites [76].
The AAGL's Practice Guidelines for the Management of Hysteroscopic Distending Media lists an intravasation safety limit of 2,500 cc for isotonic solution, compared with a maximum limit of 1,000 cc when using hypotonic solutions (J.
Intravasation of contrast agent during hysterosalpingography is a rare event.
3) Further, dynamic studies have shown an interaction between tumor cells and macrophages in the process of intravasation of tumor cells into vessels.
MicroRNA-21 (miR-21) post transcriptionally downregulates tumor suppressor Pdcd4 and stimulates invasion, intravasation and metastasis in colorectal cancer.
One of the known and potentially serious complications of hysteroscopy is the development of fluid overload, hypervolemic hyponatremia, and pulmonary edema, which can result from the intravasation of uterine distension media through the myometrium into the systemic circulation.
Normal 6 Intravasation of Contrast 1 Irregular Cavity 2 Tubal Findings Bilateral Free Spill 6 Bilateral No Spill 3 Laparoscopic Chromopertubation Free spill 4 No spill 4 Loculated tubes with spill 1 Uterine Cavity on Hysteroscopy Normal Study 5 Tubercles 1 Mild-to-moderate Intra-Uterine Adhesions and fibrosis 2 Severe adhesion (distorted cavity) 1
Purpose: Therefore, we analysed whether the active principles that were recently isolated and found to inhibit inflammatory responses specifically inhibit growth of NPM/ALK+ ALCL, leukaemia and breast cancer cells, but not of normal cells, and the intravasation through the lymphendothelial barrier.
6 Pain, bleeding , infection, vasovagal reaction, venous intravasation and allergy to contrast medium can occur by HSG.
These steps include local invasion, intravasation of cells from the primary tumor into the circulatory system, survival of these cells within the blood or lymphatic system, evasion of the immune system, arrest at a secondary site distant from the site of origin, extravasation, initiation of either intra- or extravascular growth within this secondary site, and, finally, maintenance of growth leading to the formation of overt, vascularized, clinically detectable metastases (23).
Because diagnostic procedures are fairly short, the likelihood of fluid intravasation at high volumes is low, however.
Examination in second half of menstrual cycle is avoided because of thickened secretory phase of endometrium increases risk of venous intravasation and causes false positive diagnosis of corneal blockage.
In general, the lower the score, the less complex the procedure will be, with a lower risk of fluid intravasation, shorter operative time, and a greater likelihood of complete removal of the fibroid.
The cancer metastasis process is a highly coordinated step-wise process that occurs through a complex series of interactions with the host tissue, including detachment of cells from the primary tumor, local proteolysis of the extracellular matrix (ECM), intravasation through the basement membrane of capillary and lymphatic vessels, eventually, results in infiltration and penetration of normal tissue by cancer cells (Bradbury et al.
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