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Synonyms for intransitivity

the grammatical relation created by an intransitive verb

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Intransitivity between national and international dialogues is another reality of the current ecumenical scene.
Intransitivity : ([for all] x) ([for all] y) ([for all] z) ((Rxy [conjunction] Ryz) [right arrow] [?
intransitivity is often observed across athletic contests: in league competition, for example, we often observe that team A will beat team B, team B will beat team C in a subsequent contest, but team C will beat team A in yet another contest .
In this paper I show how transitivity and intransitivity are not directly related to auxiliary selection for Italian compound tenses: in Italian, while transitive verbs only select avere, intransitive verbs can select both avere or essere.
At first glance, and particularly with his negative reference to the intransitivity of the "classic text" and Barthes' stipulation that this is the very definition of the "readerly," this latter concept would at first glance seem to be an extremely close fit to the dominant methods of approaching texts called for in pre-modern China.
Read as a verb, as in "to introduce," present is typically transitive, but its intransitivity here renders it unstable, open-ended.
1954) Intransitivity, Utility, and the Aggregation of Preference Patterns, en "Econometrica" XXII: 1-13.
the verb's intransitivity and the realization of the object as the syntactic subject.
Seven out of 38 different derivatives are transitive, suggesting that intransitivity is more typical in momentative derivation.
178) Second, the argument never made clear how a nascent intransitivity in a board election, even if it were to arise, would translate into inconsistent firm choices.
Incoherence, Intransitivity, and Context-Sensitive Judgments
There will be cases, real or imagined, where the first step will indeed lead eventually to this endpoint because of intransitivity, political exhaustion, coordination problems, or adherence to precedent.
the evolution of tense and aspect systems (Bybee, Perkins and Pagliuca 1994), or that of intensifiers, reflexives, and markers of derived intransitivity (Konig and siemund 1999).
and acknowledges genuine differences in kind, intransitivity, and
Her desire to replicate her imprisonment by holding the doctor, her wish that he confesses, and her insistence in the intransitivity of her suffering suggest that she is unable to produce a standardized version of her past.