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The rebels have been intransigent, they have reneged from all we had agreed and they are too demanding", said Makuei.
Intransigent has a similar profile, having also had only three starts, but he will definitely handle the ground and he ran pretty well at Chester last time when forced to go right round the outside from a terrible draw.
Hopkins was especially involved with Lend-Lease and policy and strategy in support of our wartime allies, including the intransigent problem of shipping and its allocation between our military operations and the allies' needs.
The company's breakthrough may be the path to successful use of therapeutic cloning techniques to cure some of humankind's most intransigent age-related and degenerative diseases such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and diabetes, as well as heart, liver and kidney disease.
Balding also boasts an impressive 26 per cent strike-rate with newcomers at the course in the same period and that suggests debutants Intransigent and Cape Crossing should both be given maximum respect.
He urged Tehran to revise its intransigent stance and assured it that the
HOW can a sensible, democratic government deal with an intransigent and childish gang of zealots like the manic Mullahs of Iran?
Mr Cox said the school governors had been intransigent in their dealings with the union over the new teacher payments while most other schools had been able to work through the issues.
The UTLA's candidate won an outright majority in two out of three board races in the Los Angeles Unified School District, and its pick in the third - intransigent incumbent Valerie Fields - leads opponent Marlene Canter going into the runoff.
By 1991, when she was making paintings of intransigent yet out-of-focus vertical stripes, such as Having a Hate Wave and Front Line, the hardware (in these works, grommets and an iron shoe-shine footrest, respectively) seems to do the opposite the objects function like repoussoirs that put the paintings at a distance.
Ricapito indicates in the excellent introduction to his thorough and well-annotated edition of the dialogue, it was a time of Spanish "national schizophrenia," an era when social, political and spiritual idealism confronted intransigent forces obsessed with the consequences of Imperial expansion and Lutheran reform.
And to expect the teacher to prove that knowledge of long division, or English grammar, or French verbs, is important, to an indocile and intransigent 10-year-old, is to expect what is impossible.
He has remained intransigent on the subjects of defense spending and taxes and has wished away the bulk of the deficit with overly optimistic economic assumptions and politically unrealistic cuts in domestic programs.
However, eBay remained intransigent and Bidder's Edge elected to again list eBay's items.
He is without doubt the most difficult, truculent, intransigent and, most importantly, dangerous horse I have encountered in more than 25 years in the game.