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Jeong-Chan Ra, president of RNL Stem Cell Technology Institute said, "This licensing deal will be a good opportunity to develop RNL's stem cell technology to be the world's standards and to fulfill my goal to make RNL BIO a company that will have treated and helped the most patients suffering from intractable diseases.
Blodgett deals with patients with intractable pain he will be complying with the standard of care," Jones said.
The title asks, but inside, these historians and political scientists from Africa and Europe assert that all across Africa the problems, challenges, and implications posed by civil militias--Sudan's Janjaweed currently most in the news--have elevated them into the continent's intractable security menace.
Physicians should realize that attorneys dealing in the under-treatment of pain strive to be able to understand medical quality of care issues and how they affect the legal standard of care surrounding the treatment of intractable pain in the elderly.
The aim is "to induce a state of decreased or absent awareness (unconsciousness) in order to relieve the burden of otherwise intractable suffering.
But even in fairly recent scholarship, they remain subjects which have gone largely unexplored, mostly due to the limitations in sources which face all researchers and grow ever more intractable as one travels further back in time.
Yalnizyan also stresses "this slide to the bottom is creating a great divide in this country--a divide made more intractable over the 1990's, as the odds of crossing over to greater affluence or making it to the middle becomes a longer shot.
Making Sense of Intractable Environmental Conflicts provides several case studies of intractable environmental conflicts in the United States.
This is beautifully written, but sad in its overall view of a future governed by intractable problems.
A new effort under the auspices of the American Council of Life Insurers is tackling an intractable problem in the industry--feeding data in an array of incompatible formats to reinsurers, which then must re-enter and re-format the data to fit their own systems.
Chretien is sincere in his desire to end hunger and poverty there, but may find the New Partnership for African Development (NEPAD), which he initiated, stuck on some of the intractable problems in that continent.
The role of angiographic embolization as a treatment for intractable epistaxis has become increasingly important since the technique was first described by Sokoloff et al in 1974.
SAN DIEGO -- Sacral nerve stimulation appears to be highly effective for the most intractable cases of fecal incontinence and chronic constipation, Dr.
Although treatments and outcomes may be improving slightly, there is still an intractable dilemma-by the time the diagnosis is made, ovarian cancer has often had enough time to defend itself against effective treatment.
Members of the Oakland club include people suffering from AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, and intractable pain from automobile and other accidents, says Raich.