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Synonyms for intimidation

Synonyms for intimidation

an expression of the intent to hurt or punish another


Synonyms for intimidation

the act of intimidating a weaker person to make them do something

the feeling of discouragement in the face of someone's superior fame or wealth or status etc

the feeling of being intimidated

a communication that makes you afraid to try something

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A spokesman for the PSNI said: "Police have arrested a 24-year-old woman and 28-year-old man in the Ballymena area on suspicion of a number of offences including false imprisonment, intimidation and attempted intimidation.
In the petition, Malombe accuses Ngilu of intimidation and bribery of voters saying that in several polling stations, the number of votes cast exceeded the number of registered voters.
A Karmo Grade 1 Area Court, Abuja, on Thursday ordered that one Safiyanu Abdullahi was given six strokes of the cane for criminal intimidation.
201 WI 11 Focus: Election Voter Intimidation and Coercion This case comes before us on a bypass petition filed by the records custodian and chairman of the Wisconsin Employment Relations Commission ("WERC"), James R.
In a speech today (6 February) to mark the centenary of womens suffrage, the Prime Minister reflected on the nature of public life and reiterated her concerns about the increasing intimidation and abuse of people taking part in elections.
By SAM KIPLAGATbrThe High Court on Tuesday upheld the election of Ruaraka MP Tom Joseph Kajwang' and dismissed claims by former nominated Senator Elizabeth Ongoro that the poll was marred by violence and voter intimidation.
KARACHI -- A Judicial Magistrate on Tuesday sent a man and his son to prison on judicial in a case pertaining to breaching of the peace and trespassing a house with criminal intimidation.
A judicial magistrate on Monday remanded a man and his son into police custody in a case pertaining to breaching of the peace and trespassing the house with criminal intimidation.
The recommendations form part of the conclusions of an inquiry into intimidation experienced by parliamentary candidates in an election campaign this year.
Now the 36-year-old, who admitted witness intimidation and an unrelated attempted burglary on the same street, has been locked up while his brother, Carl, 30, got a suspended sentence for his part.
Keaveny, of Rake Avenue, Roseworth, Stockton, pleaded guilty at a plea and case management hearing to having an offensive weapon, a flick knife, on August 20 in Albert Road, Middlesbrough, and on the same date charges of affray and intimidation by producing a knife and threatening to stab a woman witness.
POLITICAL optimism was tempered by allegations of polling station intimidation in Scotland.
The goal of this series is to provide an overview of the current landscape of witness intimidation crimes, with particular attention to the profound effect that technological advances have had on how these crimes are perpetrated, investigated and prosecuted.
She seems to believe that it is alright for travellers to set up camp on 'underused land', and goes on to say, "Everybody has the right to have a roof over their head and a quality of life free from intimidation.
The boast helped land Arwyn Parry, 23, of Cefn Hendre, Caernarfon, in jail for 21 months for offences including witness intimidation and common assault.