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Synonyms for intimidating

Synonyms for intimidating

discouraging through fear


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To help put an end to intimidating and disruptive behaviors among physicians, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, support staff, and administrators, The Joint Commission recommends that health care organizations take specific steps, including the following:
The suspensions followed a protest against the transfer of Sefton's council housing stock to a housing association in May, after which 18 complaints of intimidating behaviour were received.
The order - the first imposed in Guisborough - bans him from entering stores and intimidating staff members and shoppers.
It prevents him from using threatening, aggressive and violent behaviour, being verbally abusive, causing damage to property or approaching and intimidating police employees.
Shirley Capp (60) is accused of intimidating Marian Westerman on May 13 last year.
In a July 2 letter to Reno, the senators charged that Americans United may have "attempted to disenfranchise religious voters by intimidating people of faith into not participating in the political process.
Justice Scalia noted that those difficulties are compounded by the fact reliance on existing laws that prohibit intimidating and unlawful conduct (that are presumably constitutional) are rendered largely ineffective when, as the Chicago City Council found, "gang members cease their intimidating and unlawful behavior under the watchful eye of the police officers but return to it as soon as the police drive away.
In other words, "would a reasonable person find the actions intimidating or offensive?
Not only does Kryptonite refute this claim, but contends that Winner's threat of legal action attempted to force its product off the market by intimidating its customers and advertisers.
Last Thursday, a group of 11 workers engaged in an intimidating and disruptive demonstration by proceeding en masse through the paper's offices during business hours.
IT IS totally unacceptable for Jim Caffery and his cronies to protest outside Calthorpe Clinic, intimidating women who are attending the clinic for abortions.
Mr Wood explained: "It's intimidating and is an important thing.
To help put an end to intimidating and disruptive behaviors among physicians, nurses, pharmacists, therapists, support staff and administrators; the Sentinel Event Alert recommends that health care organizations take 11 specific steps, including the following:
Although results of the poll still remained secret 10 days after the vote, he already appears to be campaigning for an expected run-off against rival Morgan Tsvangirai by intimidating his enemies and also exploiting high racial tensions.
But what must have been intimidating is the fact that the world and his brother has been clamouring to see the size of your todger