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The post Shots fired to intimidate burglar lands teen in trouble with the law appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
Intimidate police by throwing Molotov cocktails: failed
How could some little 23-year-old from Northern Ireland with a few wins come up and intimidate him?
I would suggest that, if fans intimidate players for a rival team so greatly that they do not play to the best of their ability, so that a game that they might otherwise have won is lost, this invalidates the victory.
The North Carolina bill would make it unlawful to burn a cross or hang a noose to intimidate another person because of race, color, religion, nationality or country of origin.
is alleged to have assaulted and directed anti-gay epithets at the first man in an effort to intimidate him, according to the statement filed by Sgt.
In mid-2005, Chen Yonglin, the 1st secretary of the Chinese consulate-general in Sydney, Australia, defected and revealed his network of 1,000 spies and enforcers whose job it was to intimidate people of Chinese descent.
of any state that appear to be intended to intimidate of coerce a civilian population.
Racist groups have long used burning crosses among their symbols, and to intimidate blacks, Jews, and other minority groups.
Ruling party militants, used previously to intimidate government opponents, were being rearmed, he said.
ZIMBABWE'S ruling ZANU-PF party was yesterday accused of orchestrating a campaign of violence in remote rural areas to intimidate Robert Mugabe's opponents ahead of any election re-run.
Moreover, Jews were totally intimidated, and helped intimidate one another as well.
On May 13, 2003, knowing or believing that Marian Elizabeth Westerman was a witness in proceedings for an offence, did an act, namely made threats, which intimidated and was intended to intimidate Marian Elizabeth Westerman,' the charge reads.
The strategy is clear: to strangle and intimidate the Palestinian population.
Lynn added that the senators did not cite any actual instances of Americans United attempting to intimidate anyone, nor did they cite any evidence that the group had ever interfered with anyone's right to vote.