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Synonyms for intimately

Synonyms for intimately

in a close manner

with great or especially intimate knowledge


References in classic literature ?
Cocky became more intimately Michael's because, very early, Ah Moy washed his hands of the bird.
He repeated: "'The sort that can know no one intimately.
He was intimately acquainted with the Stangersons, and, after an assiduous seven years' courtship of the daughter, had been on the point of marrying her.
He is not a young man with whom one can be intimately acquainted in a short time, but I have seen enough of him to wish him well for his own sake, and as a friend of yours, I wish it still more.
The often-agitated question between agriculture and commerce has, from indubitable experience, received a decision which has silenced the rivalship that once subsisted between them, and has proved, to the satisfaction of their friends, that their interests are intimately blended and interwoven.
Faria, the beneficent and cheerful companion, with whom he was accustomed to live so intimately, no longer breathed.
Whence I come it matters not; but I have left those behind me with whom my fate was intimately bound, and from whom I am cut off forever.
We have been intimately acquainted so long that I think it high time we have a chat together.
I knew her intimately for two years, and in no other instance either before or since have I known her to do that thing.
But those who knew him intimately noticed that some great change had come over him that day.
From ten to fifteen I rarely tasted liquor, but I was intimately in contact with drinkers and drinking places.
Owen states, proves indisputably that it was intimately related to the Gnawers, the order which, at the present day, includes most of the smallest quadrupeds: in many details it is allied to the Pachydermata: judging from the position of its eyes, ears, and nostrils, it was probably aquatic, like the Dugong and Manatee, to which it is also allied.
The teeth indicate, by their simple structure, that these Megatheroid animals lived on vegetable food, and probably on the leaves and small twigs of trees; their ponderous forms and great strong curved claws seem so little adapted for locomotion, that some eminent naturalists have actually believed, that, like the sloths, to which they are intimately related, they subsisted by climbing back downwards on trees, and feeding on the leaves.
Sydney, Sep 10 (ANI): David Beckham and his wife Victoria have teamed up for an advertising campaign to promote their new fragrance, Intimately Beckham Yours.
Relationships for the Intimately Challenged: Connecting with Family, Friends, and Co-Workers to Create a More Joyful Life" is a guide to help all readers make the most of their relationships instead of pettily fighting over the problems that come up through the course of life--to celebrate the joy that is there to begin with to make relationships tighter and more fulfilling overall.