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the innermost membrane of an organ (especially the inner lining of an artery or vein or lymphatic vessel)

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Intimal area was calculated by subtracting the luminal area from the area bounded by internal elastic lamina, and medial area was calculated by subtracting the area within the internal elastic lamina from the area bounded by external elastic lamina, using ZEN software (ZEISS Microsystems).
The mismatched compliance between the two results in excessive stress at the suture line and leads to subsequent intimal hyperplasia.
Carotid intimal medial thickness was measured using B mode ultrasound "Siemens ACUSONR X300 Premium" and ABI done using hand held Doppler in both group.
A chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension could explain both, but the absence of previous deep vein thrombosis, and medical pro-thrombotic conditions, as well as the absence of typical radiological features (pouch defects, webs, bands, intimal irregularities, lobar or segmental involvement), were arguments against it.
Este trabalho tem por objetivo relatar o caso de uma paciente de 67 anos admitida no Hospital Sao Jose do Avai (HSJA) portadora de Sindrome Coronariana Aguda apos falha de enxertos por hiperplasia intimal tres meses apos a revascularizacao do miocardio e propor uma alternativa rapida, eficaz e menos invasiva para condicao clinica abordada.
Autopsies of patients who died after exposure to aminorex revealed vascular lesions similar to the pathologic findings described in PPH (ie, plexiform lesions and concentric, cellular intimal thickening).
Table-2 shows the comparison of intimal thickness of right common carotid artery (RCCA), right internal carotid artery (RICA), left common carotid artery and left internal carotid artery between control group, hypertensive, patients with diabetes and patients with both diabetes and hypertension [Table-2]
After exclusion of the intimal tear and completed reconstruction of the involved aortic segment, CPB was weaned off and adequate hemostasis was achieved, the femoral artery and the subclavian artery were repaired, and the sternal wound was closed after placement of mediastinal drainage tubes.
The morphometric measurements included (i) luminal diameter, (ii) intimal and medial thickness, and (iii) intima-media thickness ratio.
The intimal flap in the main and right pulmonary arteries was depicted as a dark line separating the true and false lumen (Figures 3(a) and 3(b)).
Type 1 : Intimal tear in ascending aorta, but which involves descending aorta as well.
A contrast-enhanced CT scan revealed an intimal flap in the celiac trunk and a mural thrombus (Figure 1A) extending to the splenic artery and proximal hepatic artery (Figure IB) and causing moderate to severe narrowing of the celiac artery (demonstrated by CT angiography) (Figure 2) as well as a thrombosed false lumen, increased attenuation of the surrounding fat, and a segmental splenic infarction (Figure 1).
In a study it was observed that there is intimal and medial thickening and increased vascular stiffness.
El area sudanofilica de cada aorta fue expresada en porcentaje de la superficie intimal cubierta por la lesion sudanofilica.