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Synonyms for intimacy

Synonyms for intimacy

Synonyms for intimacy

close or warm friendship

a usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship

a feeling of being intimate and belonging together


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Berkson explains how intimacy improves hormones, and hormones improve intimacy.
But, perhaps, in its ordinariness and its minimalism, a great deal is happening, especially when we begin to think about intimacy shared between strangers.
UAE Exchange received a Brand Intimacy Quotient of 39, beating the industry average of 34.
One relatively new tool of customer insight, and ultimately, customer intimacy is big data.
So please help us understand why the power of the brand is not the cause of customer intimacy.
To look for intimacy where we once focused on sympathy is to "turn the axis of inquiry away from terms such as 'identification,' 'imitation,' and 'recognition,' all of which presuppose and anticipate precisely what is in question: an end or aim--be it perceptual, affective, or moral--for the contingent, evanescent, multitudinous forms of experience among others" (2).
Cordova & Scott (2006) also propose that intimacy cannot exist without punishment or risk of punishment and note the importance of monitoring an intimacy ratio, which compares reinforcement to punishment during the change process.
One of the factors affecting intimacy and marital satisfaction is the variable of attachment styles.
I must pay attention to and nurture this sexuality To be a healthy person, I must have intimacy in my life.
Psycho, The Birds and Halloween: The Intimacy of Terror in Three Classic Films
For one thing, it doesn't focus on jump-starting the sexual act, but on understanding the principles of intimacy, and how that lays the foundation for sexual expression and relationship satisfaction.
To a friend went confidences in all matters, confidences returned in the intimacy of complete trust.
Let's Just Cuddle: A Guide to Intimacy with a Sex Abuse Survivor" is specifically designed descriptively explain the unique struggles of sex abuse survivors in intimate relationships.
However, when you write that "intimacy is important, but it isn't everything,'' I think you've missed the point about sexless marriage: It's entirely possible to be in a committed relationship without sex, but it's incredibly important to keep the intimacy alive in other ways.
A Practical Path to Authenticity,” shaman and founder of the Last Mask Center for Shamanic Healing Christina Pratt notes that true shamanic trance states -- those that actually clear the control of the small self -- require intimacy with spirit.