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the basic unit of money in Peru

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It is a collection of which Inti Ligabue is now custodian and champion, and to which he is carefully adding.
The Inti Raymi is now the second largest festival on the South American continent," said Magaly Delgado, owner of Madec Tours EIRL, a local travel agency in Peru who uses the intiraymiperu.
Por su parte, Inti Munoz, al hacer un balance de su periodo administrativo, asegura que a lo largo de siete anos se logro una inversion publica superior a los 2 mil millones de pesos, con lo cual se consolido la recuperacion del espacio publico del area, inscrita en la Lista del Patrimonio Mundial de la UNESCO.
Jorge Gianini conservadas en el SCBD del INTI, se menciona que el uso de BD extranjeras habia sido considerado desde 1975 como modo de acceso a la informacion, pero que su utilizacion solo fue posible en la practica cuando ENTel (Empresa Nacional de Telecomunicaciones) instalo en 1980 el concentrador CIBA (CAICYT, 1982) para la transmision internacional de datos en paquetes, reduciendo considerablemente los costos.
In 2009, PT ACC increased its share ownership in its subsidiary PT Inti Sukses Garmindo to 51% from originally 22.
A Celebration of Latino Festivals, a children's picturebook that vividly presents fun facts about Latino festivals connected to each month of the year, from Cinco de Mayo to Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) and Inti Raymi (Festival of the Sun).
In November 2008, the newly-married couple flew out to South America, where they spent the next 10 months cycling the length of the continent and volunteering at Inti Wara Yassi, a monkey sanctuary in the Bolivian Amazon rainforest.
Now of course its a different committee but Inti as a coach can still be there as a representative of the coaches and since Pakistan has nobody on that Committee it makes eminent sense especially after this win that he be nominated on the committee.
PERUVIAN side Inti Gas had every right to feel aggrieved after shipping an equaliser to Melgar in the seventh minute of stoppage time.
The three particles were named Inti, Inti-B and Inti-C, after the Incan sun god.
Japan Cup Blue Square: 7-2 Meisho Samson, 9-2 Vodka, 5 Eishin Deputy, 7 Deep Sky, 8 Daiwa Scarlet, 10 Papal Bull, 12 Little Amapola, 14 Kawakami Princess, Sixties Icon, 16 Black Emblem, Marsh Side, 20 Purple Moon, Inti Raimi, 25 bar.
Inti Luna-Aviles, Richard Gminski, Volver Mersch-Sundermann y Jorge A.
Inti Raymi, the important Inca solar ceremony, was performed at the June solstice and linked to the Sun's most northern excursion.