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a fibrocartilaginous disc serving as a cushion between all of the vertebrae of the spinal column (except between the first two)

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The nerve supply to the human lumbar intervertebral discs.
A computer-generated intervertebral disk model has shown that the posterior area of the ring cracks once the flexion is associated with compression.
Intradiscal injection of hematopoietic stem cells in an attempt to rejuvenate the intervertebral discs.
sup][6] Smoking may affect the metabolism of the intervertebral disk and accelerate disk degeneration, [sup][31] and act via the neuroendocrine system to alter pain perception, presumably increasing the back pain.
However, there are few case reports of complete extrusion of intervertebral disc with myelopathy with severe anterior spinal cord syndrome, caused by this extrusion bending and distraction, with subsequent spontaneous reduction and radiographic examinations of the cervical spine normal, as simple radiography and computadorized tomography (21).
within the intervertebral disc were extruded together with the herniated tissue or that the blood vessels developed de novo after the herniation has occurred.
En la lectura de las placas se busco la presencia de patrones o signos radiologicos asociados a una extrusion discal, siendo los principales la disminucion del espacio intervertebral discal, disminucion del tamano del foramen intervertebral y disminucion del espacio entre las facetas articulares de las vertebras.
presence of root and neurogenic pains caused by recurrent hernia of the intervertebral disk or spinal channel degenerative stenosis without effect of conservative therapy
Causes The most common cause of sciatica is a prolapsed intervertebral disc pressing on the root of a spinal nerve.
Nasto and Pola found that high concentration of NF-kB causes the degeneration of intervertebral discs (the structures that separate and damp the vertebrae), a degenerative process that could affect also young adults (30 year old), especially if they adopt a sedentary lifestyle.
Investigators can observe structural displacements and distortions of the anatomies of joints or the spinal column including bones, intervertebral discs, neural elements, ligaments, facets, menisci, and tendons by varying their positions.
Positioned between most of the vertebrae are flexible, ring-shaped structures called intervertebral disks, which allow the spine to be flexible.
The Phase 2 trial will build on preclinical results which showed that six months after a single lowdose injection of Mesoblast's allogeneic MPCs into severely damaged intervertebral discs there was dramatic reversal of the degenerative process, regrowth of disc cartilage, and sustained normalization of disc pathology, anatomy and function.
A lesao extradural, como a que ocorre nos casos de processo degenerativo de disco intervertebral, comumente leva a um adelgacamento e desvio da coluna de contraste no local da lesao, em direcao ao centro do canal vertebral, com frequente atenuacao ou interrupcao da coluna de contraste no lado oposto.
The Intervertebral spacers proposed for cervical fusions consist of alumina with bioactive coating that was evaluated mechanically and submitted to Immersion test in simulated body fluid.
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