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Synonyms for intervention

Synonyms for intervention

the act or an instance of interfering or intruding

Synonyms for intervention

the act of intervening (as to mediate a dispute, etc.)

a policy of intervening in the affairs of other countries

the act or fact of interposing one thing between or among others

(law) a proceeding that permits a person to enter into a lawsuit already in progress

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After 1 1/2 years, 46 percent of those in the face-to-face intervention group had regained at least five pounds, compared to 55 percent of those in the Internet intervention group and 72 percent of those in the control group.
20: Creative Interventions for Bereaved Children and Children of Divorce; Leading Edge Seminars; Toronto; leadingedgeseminars.
The stress management intervention was 10 minutes long: It involved deep breathing, movements for stretching and focus, and a 5-minute script with imagery read by the teacher.
Sexual risk reduction interventions do not inadvertently increase the overall frequency of sexual behaviour: a meta-analysis of 174 studies with 116, 735 participants.
From 1997 to December 2001, when the program was started, there were 12 fatal law-enforcement shootings in Ventura County of people considered mentally ill, said Joyce Wilde, program administrator of the Law Enforcement Crisis Intervention Team Program.
Thus, if we could develop an intervention to increase the sense of school belonging, we just might be able to increase levels of achievement
Unfortunately, the nature of police work limits the options and time available to officers to effect successful intervention strategies when dealing with violent and combative individuals.
2000), including several edited books dedicated to this topic (Leong, 1995; Walsh, Bingham, Brown, & Ward, 2001), have offered principles and culturally relevant strategies to inform career intervention practice and assessment with various racial/ethnic minority clients.
At enrollment, participants were randomly assigned to one of two intervention groups (basic or enhanced); completed a baseline interview that covered their background, medical, behavioral and psychosocial characteristics; received a pelvic examination; and were taught to record information about their sexual behavior and barrier method use in a daily diary.
We included all randomized and controlled clinical trials (RCT/CCT, designs where allocation to the intervention is determined either by an explicit random process [RCT] or by a nonrandom process such as date of birth or case note number) before and after studies (a design with contemporaneous data collection before and after the intervention and an appropriate control site or activity) and interrupted time series (ITS, a clearly defined point in time when the intervention occurred and at least 3 data points before and 3 after the intervention).
IDEA allows schools to look at a child's response to scientific, research-based intervention as part of the special education evaluation process to determine if that child has a disability.
After 12 months, the intervention group had a 46% reduction in the number of drinking binges in a 30-day period, significantly better than the 21% reduction in controls.
Yet, to my knowledge, there is no program that acknowledges that intervention subjects need closure.
Strategies and sequences of crisis intervention are described.
This study examined the impact of Deaf Role Models on Early Intervention Programs.