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(law) a party who interposes in a pending proceeding

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the litigation with the interest of the intervenor facing a threat from
Since that time, however, the Supreme Court has reverted to a more liberal approach toward the doctrine, allowing intervention where the intervenor can "piggyback" on the standing of another party--at least where the intervenor's position is "identical" to that of the party with standing.
Witness, the Attorney General of Canada is an intervenor in the Lemire case, on the side of the government; i.
Additional intervenor funding would be provided at $500 per new megawatt for non-major and re-powering projects and at $1,000 per new megawatt for major projects.
Summary judgment briefs were submitted late November after a spate of frivolous motions by an army of intervenors including Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the Teamsters Union.
33) Rule 24(a)(2), by contrast, allows intervention "of right," removing judges' discretion to disallow intervention so long as the would-be intervenor meets the Rule's conditions.
After the brief hearing, Justice AS Gadkari adjourned the bail plea matter until Thursday morning, said lawyer Manoj Dhall, who is representing another intervenor, the Parents Group for Students Welfare (PGSW).
An intervenor, such as APHA in this case, must demonstrate that they have an interest in the original suit's subject matter.
The apex court said it was under the wrong impression that he was a party to it and not an intervenor and had even given him the onus of initiating talks amongst all parties -- Sunni Waqf Board, Nirmohi Akhara and Ramjanmbhoomi Nyas -- for the settlement.
Each intervenor "believes that '[t]he tax rebates sought for Ark Encounter would effectively compel me, as a Kentucky taxpayer, to subsidize a religious ministry against my will.
The Ontario government, through the Ministry of Northern Development and Mines, is an intervenor in the proceedings.
Nowhere does the proposed order recite or otherwise report that the attorney's fees assessed by the Court against Intervenor United States of America have been paid," Griffen wrote.
AMFA said it filed the documents on time but that officials at the NMB applied a technical rule effectively stripping away the right of any union to obtain intervenor status in the representation election.
USTelecom joined this case as an intervenor in support of the Commission in order to defend the agency's conclusion that incumbent local exchange carriers (ILECs) were included within the statute's protections for just and reasonable attachment rates and conditions.