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  • verb

Synonyms for intervene



  • interrupt
  • involve yourself
  • put your oar in
  • interpose yourself
  • put your two cents in

Synonyms for intervene

get involved, so as to alter or hinder an action, or through force or threat of force

be placed or located between other things or extend between spaces and events

Related Words

occur between other event or between certain points of time

References in classic literature ?
The long time that had intervened since his nocturnal adventure had effaced all Sam's awe of the place, and the promise of a trifling reward roused him at once from his sleep and his sunshine.
This tract lay about two degrees north of the Columbia, and intervened between the territories of the United States and those of Russia.
He considered, he wondered, his wit but half at his service; then another face intervened, bending more directly over him, and he finally knew that Alice Staverton had made her lap an ample and perfect cushion to him, and that she had to this end seated herself on the lowest degree of the staircase, the rest of his long person remaining stretched on his old black-and-white slabs.
Dyott rather detached herself, mainly gazing, as she leaned back, at the fire; she intervened, however, enough to relieve Maud of the sense of being listened to.
At the moment when she was about to judge him her cousin's voice had intervened, and, ever since, it was Miss Bartlett who had dominated; Miss Bartlett who, even now, could be heard sighing into a crack in the partition wall; Miss Bartlett, who had really been neither pliable nor humble nor inconsistent.
The effect produced on Frome was rather of a complete absence of atmosphere, as though nothing less tenuous than ether intervened between the white earth under his feet and the metallic dome overhead.
The manager, who had been listening with some restlessness to the conversation, now intervened.
But one other day had intervened when, early in the morning as we were going to breakfast, Mr.
But a kind fate intervened, and by a miracle I escaped with but slight bruises.
I would have given much to have heard the balance of that conversation that I might have been warned of the perils that lay ahead, but fate intervened, and just at the very instant of all other instants that I would not have elected to do it, I sneezed.
Lonely as I was, and wished to be, I think that I never felt my loneliness as I did during the twenty-four hours which intervened between Rattray's departure and my own.
He craned his neck, but he could not see if the rest of the fleet was following them; the overhang of the gas-chambers intervened.
Princess Anna Mikhaylovna intervened in the conversation, evidently wishing to show her connections and knowledge of what went on in society.
We learned to know one another better in those two brief hours than we had in all the months that had intervened since we had been thrown together.
Finally the sheik, who had been standing a mute and frowning witness of the cowardly attack, intervened.