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Throughout the spaces interspersed with atolls, where not a single peak of high land has been left above the level of the sea, the sinking must have been immense in amount.
The brook, of which the banks were clothed with dense masses of a gigantic species of maidenhair fern interspersed with feathery tufts of wild asparagus, sung merrily at our side, the soft air murmured through the leaves of the silver trees, doves cooed around, and bright-winged birds flashed like living gems from bough to bough.
It was now that Julia, in some measure accustomed to her proximity to her hero, began to enjoy the beauties of the scenery; her eye dwelt with rapture on each opening glimpse that they caught of the river, and took in its gaze meadows of never-failing verdure, which were beautifully interspersed with elms that seemed coeval with the country itself.
Interspersed among this load of meats was every species of vegetables that the season and country afforded.
Below them was the Valley of the Missouri, about seven miles in breadth, clad in the fresh verdure of spring; enameled with flowers and interspersed with clumps and groves of noble trees, between which the mighty river poured its turbulent and turbid stream.
DNA methylation of the long interspersed nucleotide element-1 (LINE-1) and the short interspersed nucleotide element Alu were measured in blood samples from 706 participants in the Normative Aging Study.
Interspersed repeats, also known as transposable elements, are DNA sequences that can "jump" around the genome, causing mutations in the host and contributing to expansion of the genome.
1 : to put (something) here and there among other things <The publisher interspersed pictures throughout the book.
The interspersed interviews with the bald, bearded Eavis are illuminating, chronicling the festival's evolution from a mud-caked, stone soul picnic to a fenced-in Vegas festooned with Starbucks and Smirnoff logos.
It reads like a thriller, with the action of wartime (winter, 1945) interspersed with mysteries of identity in 1995.
Interspersed with beautiful color photographs, Change Your Life Through Travel does not offer specific travel plans or routes, but rather is packed with ideas for taking charge of the pleasurable, spiritual, and life-enriching aspects of travel.
The mycobacterial interspersed repetitive unit (MIRU) typing method (11) was used to genotype strains from these patients.
But interspersed in this devotional is another work entirely--one in which Wills analyzes the Tintoretto paintings for what they have to say about the meaning and power of the gospel.
Gay stand-up perennials like sports, the Boy Scouts, crystal meth use, and airline travel are interspersed with Ant's trying to wring humor out of interaction with the audience.
Big, beautiful photographs from space missions, land telescopes, and other sources are interspersed with detailed sky maps and information-packed text.