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arising or occurring between species


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Nomadic vertebrates, especially pigs, partridges, and jungle fowl, often travel interspecifically.
Interspecifically, body mass influences potential life-span (Prothero and Jurgens 1987); therefore we tested the prediction that individual longevity was positively related to adult mass in ewes.
These territories, which were defended intra- and interspecifically, were larger than necessary for a winter's fruit supply, so substantial numbers of cones remained undispersed after the solitaires departed in the spring.
sebiferum did not compete intraspecifically and that in only of four possible pair combinations did it compete interspecifically.
Second, whereas the genetic recombination in sexual species is postulated to foil genetic tracking by the parasites, different host species cannot reshuffle their genomes interspecifically.
In the eastern United States, wintering Red-headed and Red-bellied Woodpeckers will defend territories interspecifically (Reller 1972).
remigis are also aggressive interspecifically towards single males and females (Haskins, 1995).
This relationship has been found interspecifically for running mammals, running birds, flying birds, swimming ciliates and flagellates, and swimming vertebrates (Garland, 1983; Gatesy and Biewener, 1991; Alerstam et al.
Smaller hummingbirds often interacted intraspecifically or interspecifically with hummingbirds of similar sizes.
2002) demonstrated that fishes from higher latitudes north of the equator matured latest and had the highest fecundity, whereas fishes from South America had the lowest fecundity and earliest maturation, although these comparisons were again made interspecifically.
To determine whether upright fronds of Mastocarpus stellatus in the low intertidal zone compete interspecifically with Chondrus crispus, intraspecifically with crusts, or are consumed by herbivorous gastropods, we initiated a "deletion" experiment at Chamberlain.
Further support for the idea that interspecifically aphids are structurally similar comes from the relationship between wing area and body mass for the 10 species for which data were available.
1983; Saether 1983) and may be currently evolving: in Norway these species are interspecifically territorial (Saether 1983), whereas in Finland they show different habitat preferences (Tiainen et al.
Regression slopes based on Mast (in which both species have values for all pairwise comparisons) differed interspecifically (Table 3).
The prediction that spatial distributions of Hm and Be are clumped and interspecifically segregated is supported by frequent observations of patchy distributions of late-successional tree populations (e.