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arising or occurring between species


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Sapium sebiferum competed interspecifically only with Celtis laevigata at GC2.
Swifts do not vary greatly in size interspecifically, and only minor differences are apparent in the shape of the beak, tail, wing, and tarsus.
Both species defend territories, primarily against conspecifics, and there is little evidence that either species is interspecifically territorial towards the other (Howard 1974, Boughey and Thompson 1976, Cavitt and Haas 2000).
It appears that the 2 species are morphometrically similar at smaller sizes yet differentiate interspecifically as they age, with the symphyseal knob length (Fig.
Once both species began utilizing the feeding stations a clear hierarchy was established both intra- and interspecifically.
Egg sacs in spiders vary substantially in structure interspecifically but usually display consistent similarities intraspecifically, that is, most families have egg sacs of only one or two structural types (Austin 1985).
Many birds are interspecifically territorial, showing aggression towards another species (Sherry & Holmes 1988; Robinson & Terborgh 1995).
Bacteria can transfer toxin genes intraspecifically (within the same species), as in the case of Vibrio cholerae, as well as interspecifically (between different species).
These territories, which were defended intra- and interspecifically, were larger than necessary for a winter's fruit supply, so substantial numbers of cones remained undispersed after the solitaires departed in the spring.