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a space or interval between objects or points

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The first location tested with four bilateral sets of the bipolar electrodes was along the midaxillary line from 1 cm caudal to the 13th rib to the 7th rib interspace.
The Ad Board Media Group and Clear Channel Interspace Airports joint venture was selected for exclusive advertising rights following a review that included 14 local and international bidders.
A double-seal arrangement around the two points facilitates the avoidance of cross contamination if fluids leak and pass through the interspace and into the atmosphere.
Related PBI Broadband Group assets include Cable Europe, Inside Digital TV and Interspace.
glandulosa and adjoining interspace on rangeland sites with varying degrees of woody plant cover utilizing 20 by 50 cm quadrats.
The initiative was developed in partnership with Generator Advertising and Design, Interspace Airport Advertising and the Thunder Bay International Airport.
7 miles from the intersection of I-80 and I-287 and accessible via Interspace Parkway and Route 46, Morris Technology Center is positioned to offer exceptional space at rental prices 15 to 20 percent below comparable space.
The product known as Interspace from privately held PlanetWorks, a small five-year- old one product New York based software house, promises to put some backbone into all those feeble client/server systems built using the likes of Microsoft's Visual Basic or Sybase PowerBuilder tools.
In the area of technolore, Kevin Powell, director of the Interspace development project in the CANIS lab (Community Architectures of Network Information Systems, Graduate School of Library and Information Science), applies folkloristic concepts of structuralism versus contextualism to the design and use of computer tools.
PROVIDENCIALES, Turks & Caicos Islands -- Interspace Airport Advertising, TCI, Ltd.
15) - interspace between eye and posteroventral corner of epicranium distinctly shorter than fore femur.
Hannah Campion's latest exhibition, Interspace, is open now at the Customs House in South Shields, and represents a brave new world for the artist.
With the patient in the sitting, flexed position, an 8 cm 18 gauge Tuohy needle was used to locate the epidural space at a lumbar interspace that was thought to be L3/4.
Nanna lived in England between 1968-1986 and set up a company called Interspace selling furniture in Hampstead with her second husband Kurt Heide (Jorgen died in 1961).
Kentridge occupies this interspace precisely, far from the "confusion of mediums" lamented by Clement Greenberg before the onset of the corrective that was modernism.