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Synonyms for intersex

one having both male and female sexual characteristics and organs

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To the extent that intersex advocates seek stronger medicine-for instance, a retooled doctrine of informed consent, or a regime Of civil and criminal sanctions for doctors who perform nonconsensual pediatric surgeries--legislative advocacy may be needed.
One is simply the nature of our auto-immune systems; but more important is the infertility of many intersex conditions.
The researchers did find more of these intersex frogs in agricultural lands than in woodlands: 6 percent versus none.
Transgender and Intersex Community Election Manifesto 2018" is expected to be launchedby the end of this week," member of the CM's special committee on the transgender persons, K-P, Qamar Naseem said.
The organisation which carries out research and advocacy on human rights, further suggested that the bill should be renamed 'Rights of Transgender and Intersex Persons Bill'.
He is currently an activist and the founder of the Intersex People Society of Kenya.
Under current WA laws, intersex people wanting to change their gender identity and have the change officially recognised by the Gender Reassignment Board must be single.
Blue Veins an organization working for the transgender and intersex community in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa launched first of its kind android app 'Trans-Muhafiz' for safety and reporting of violence against transgender community under the support of Canadian Fund For local initiatives (CFLI).
One specialist in marine biology, said that since no intersex shark has ever been found with a live embryo in its uterus or been witnessed mating, it is unclear if intersex sharks are capable of using either of their two reproductive systems, reports RT.
Meyer claimed that it is not yet confirmed if the intersex sharks can effectively use both the male as well as the female organs for reproduction.
Intersexuelle Menschen, an advocacy group for intersex individuals, insists that an estimated 80,000 people out of Germany's population of 80 million (or one-tenth of one percent) identify as intersex.
Summary: Ankara [Turkey], November 19 (ANI): Turkish capital Ankara has banned all events by lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans and intersex rights groups to protect "public security", governor's office said.
Dubai: An intersex person and a male tourist were apprehended from a hotel room for being involved in a sexual encounter after cybercrime policemen tracked them down through Snapchat and Twitter.
Sources close to the case told Gulf News : "Physical examinations proved that the 31-year-old suspect, who is identified as a female as per the German passport, is an intersex person.
But rather than other options, it recommended the question "should not be mandatory, for the benefit of particularly intersex and non-binary people who cannot choose male or female as a reflection of their current sex or gender", it was reported.
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