intersection point

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a point where lines intersect

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SearchNum was set to 3 in a linear search window to get a matching candidate set for each intersection point.
In Baliuliai, a small hill similar to a huge barrow lay at the intersection point of the burial orientation azimuths, while in Persaukstis Kasciukai II this spot has been covered by a road and completely destroyed.
radiated power at the intersection point (dBm); EIRP-effective isotropic radiated power of the antenna (dBm); [L.
3] (the prism's lateral surface); considering P' as the intersection point between the line OP and the frontier of the prism, and taken among the intersection points that point P which is the closest to P; this case is entirely consistent with Dr.
So, the first derivative was calculated for workloads below and above intersection point of two regression lines.
The intersection point, or the center of the "X", is where the instant center for the front elevation of the vehicle is located, making it adjustable by modifying the position of the arms via their location points on the frame.
The intersection point of the direction with shape profile means a point in which the tool clearance [[alpha].
This is the operational intersection point between Six Sigma and ERP for Raytheon, as well as a great mechanism for change management to involve users early in design.
For example, the profit-maximizing price with a patent is shown by the point on the D curve directly above the intersection point of the MR.
But it did reflect a different intersection point on the supply/demand curve.
At its center, the intersection point, or chiasm, marks a single event that separates past from future.
For example, Fischbein (1993) presented students with two points: Point A--the intersection point of two lines--and Point B--the intersection point of four lines.
In this case the displacement intersects with the WE and the particle is moved up only to the intersection point.
Drill a small hole through the glued intersection point going through both antlers and insert a small screw.