intersection point

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a point where lines intersect

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The locations of node C and node D are given by calculating the intersection points of two circles as
2) When the elevation of the intersection point is equal to that of A or B or lower than that of B (e.
Denote by P the first intersection point at [partial derivative][[PHI].
In the case of the RCG each pair of edges contains an intersection point at either a common endpoint of the edges, or in their interiors.
Then g is a continuous map, and we obtain a continuous involution f: L [right arrow] L by sending y [member of] L to the second intersection point of g(y) and L, or to y itself if g(y) happens to touch L.
Clip the lower panel up to, but not through, the intersection point (8).
It is particularly interested in the way that manga, or Japanese comics of a particular illustrative style, act as a cultural intersection point.
Next, find intersection point between orange line through y-value and red line through z-value and then intersection point between orange line through x-value and blue line through z-value.
This optimization uses the 'Pythagoras Theorem' and the newly introduced diagonal intersection point (DIP) technique for finding the actual object.
The settlement of all files is up to this kitchen, whereas Rohani acts as the intersection point between the two institutions, while adding a flavor of moderation and soft diplomacy that is much needed by Iran right now, in order for it to catch its breath in the face of the pressures to which it being subjected from all directions.
seemed to be oriented towards the west-northwest but the burial pit itself was dug along a north-west-south-east axis, with its north-west end pointing directly towards the intersection point of the orientation azimuths of the burials in barrows 4, 8 (11), and 12 (15) (Kurila & Kliaugaite 2007, 141 ff.
The genomic pathway, called the Integrative Nuclear FGFR 1 Signaling (hNFS), is a central intersection point for multiple pathways of as many as 160 different genes believed to be involved in the disorder.
Controller with MPPT algorithm follows the maximum voltage and current intersection point of the module and guarantees the highest received power [2].
During the next stage, all defined buildings are checked-coordinates x, y, z of the nearest 3 D intersection point are searched (Fig.