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The INTERSECT simulator is an industry first, combining Chevron s reservoir simulation capabilities and reservoir management experience with the leading software development capability and commercial experience of Schlumberger.
And indeed Intersect is life, pure and direct and immediate, as captured and conveyed in the psychic performances of prepubescent girls, thrusts and parries, pirouettes and constructs fed through a network of computers as a series of shapes and numbers, synapse firings, able to express nothing less than the primary human experiences such as Beauty and Joy in a pure form of geometric and emotional code.
The best intersect was 2 meters in TRC-016 from 54 to 56 meters that intersected 1.
With its new hires, Japonica InterSect increases its capacity for global benchmarking and best practice research.
The 100th Research Review illustrates the value of performance-driven metrics," comments Stephanie Mesrobian, Japonica InterSect Director of Global Resources.
Among its new hires, Japonica InterSect increases its capacity in intersectoral commerce, international relations, ICT, linguistics, and corporate communications.
The impact of JI's research is evident in initiatives lead by our global network of capitalist-philanthropists (CPs)," notes Stephanie Mesrobian, a Japonica InterSect Director of Global Resources.
CAKE requested 3 Titles from Japonica InterSect, its captive subsidiary, specifically to discover top-quartile benchmarks and high value-adding best practices in micro-commerce and disability," states Magarian.
In 2004 seven reverse-circulation holes (RV-9 to RV-15) were drilled to delineate areas where the two mineralising structures intersect the favourable silty limestone sequences.
Holes BP05-14 to 17 did not intersect La Gloria vein due to faulting offset.