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Interrogatories shall be arranged so that a blank space is provided after each separately numbered interrogatory.
According to the appellate court, Fred answered the interrogatory as follows: Lynne Hafley, Fidelity Investments, Fidelity Rollover IRA, $31,067.
Blanket objections--in which the responding party prefaces its interrogatory responses with "general" and "specific" objections--are improper.
At issue in the court was whether it was justifiable for an NHK reporter to have refused to testify concerning a source during an interrogatory -- commissioned by U.
It is if you are in denial--your collectively synthesized declarative interrogatory is: "Why can't the world just buy what we make?
Instead of providing the information requested, SCO merely offers a single sentence explanation and incorporates by reference its responses to IBM's Interrogatory Nos.
Artistic discourse, as an interrogatory realm for emotions and ideas, provides the perfect analytical lens through which to consider developments in contemporary culture; and, in turn, looking back through culture compellingly illuminates questions long important to artists, art historians, and critics.
In her characteristically interrogatory style, Fuchs contemplates the meaning of this racially fraught role-playing, whereby Indians (by the year 1570, no doubt baptized Christians) figure the infidel: "If the Indians can represent the Muslims, have the Spaniards in fact succeeded in their evangelical mission?
For all his extended French sojourn, he claims to have failed to master the language, but he still punctuates every third English sentence with an interrogatory "Oui?
o THE Prime Minister acquitted himself brilliantly when he faced the combined interrogatory ``skills'' of House of Commons committee chairmen.
Speaking about his legendary interviewing style, he says: aIt would be unforgivable to use the interrogatory skills against ordinary people.
Apart from the author's occasional interrogatory appearance and one or two paragraphs from the subject's mum, Touch this Earth Lightly is comprised almost exclusively of transcripts from the 1982 interviews for Drew's first Murcutt monograph, Leaves of Iron (1985).
MIAMI, July 28 /PRNewswire/ -- Carnival Cruise Lines today said it will amend a court-ordered interrogatory response disclosure to include additional allegations and to clarify the nature of its disclosure of alleged sexual misconduct over a five-year period ending August 13, 1998.