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Synonyms for interrogative

Synonyms for interrogative

a sentence of inquiry that asks for a reply

some linguists consider interrogative sentences to constitute a mood

relating to verbs in the so-called interrogative mood

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relating to the use of or having the nature of an interrogation

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All the examples for these four types of rhetorical interrogative are taken from Maynard (1995:513-521).
As we just saw, the English relative wh-pronouns derive from interrogative pronouns, probably through a kind of reanalysis.
The use of what we have termed interrogative analogies is something that to our knowledge has not been noted before, at least as it was observed here (though see Clark & Schaefer, 1987; Clark & Wilkes-Gibbs, 1986).
com is the original verb conjugation website, and the only site that conjugates over 15,000 verbs in all 3 forms, affirmative, interrogative, and negative, in all tenses, genders, persons, voices, and moods.
Together, the BIDMC Cancer Center and PCRT will design clinical trials and provide both healthy and treated pancreatic tissue, bio-fluids, and treatment results from patients to Berg for analysis using Berg's Interrogative Biology(TM) platform, which can synthesize trillions of data points per sample.
Some notable legal commentators, such as Alan Dershowitz in his Why Terrorism Works (2002), have gone so far as to argue that interrogative torture is permissible against terrorist suspects in certain circumstances, the war on terror being such a situation.
what are you talking about" (typically pronounced without an interrogative inflection); "you got a problem with that?
New case studies demonstrating the application of the author's techniques in actual interviews and an entire chapter on interrogative ethics have been added to this edition.
And so the book's polemical style invites an interrogative response.
Recognition of implicit corrective feedback was most evident in the FMF forum and specifically in terms of interrogative recasts.
This week, Auntie Beeb uses Davina's interrogative style and fearsome volume as she breaks into the boys' club dominated by Terry Wogan, Michael Parkinson, Frank Skinner and Jonathan Ross.
Wodiczko heads the Interrogative Design Group and is director of the Center for Art, Culture, and Technology at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.
Forsythe's ballets, stripped of classical, historical associations and refined to a tool for the investigation of physics or philosophy, become interrogative rather than declarative--what are pointe shoes but a useful pivot point, or instruments to smack and slide across the floor?
It uses action/material processes in the declarative and interrogative.
They have tended to put a quite significant degree of interrogative questions to us during hearings, which is encouraging from our point of view, which means they are treating this seriously.