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Synonyms for interrogation

Synonyms for interrogation

a request for data

Synonyms for interrogation

a sentence of inquiry that asks for a reply

a transmission that will trigger an answering transmission from a transponder

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an instance of questioning

References in classic literature ?
But it was slow work, and the little people soon tired and wanted to get away from my interrogations, so I determined, rather of necessity, to let them give their lessons in little doses when they felt inclined.
The youth, after rushing about and throwing interrogations at the heedless bands of retreating infantry, finally clutched a man by the arm.
Since you have no further interrogations to make, leave me, I beseech you," she said.
My interrogations were cut short; I heard a little rustling behind me, and close at my back was the directress, professing to be examining the interior of a desk.
Aramis, continuing his interrogations, asked the prisoner what the leaders of the expedition contemplated doing with the leaders of Belle-Isle.
Sabin did not continue his interrogations for a few moments.
Next, he retells the well-known story of executive branch lawyers enabling "enhanced" interrogation techniques (EITs).
While the agency said its interrogation techniques had repeatedly "saved lives," congressional investigators found no evidence of any specific incidents.
Two psychologists who helped develop the CIA's enhanced interrogation procedures founded a company in 2005 to help run the CIA's interrogations program.
Last night the Israeli army broke into his home and he was given a notice to go to interrogation this morning.
The findings, leaked to McClatchy by unidentified sources, call into sharp question the administration's legal foundation for the CIA's use of harsh interrogation techniques.
The "WZ Seminar on Crimes Against Children: Investigation to Suspect Interrogation" is a 3-day course designed to enhance the experience of law enforcement and child protection agency professionals by teaching effective investigative, interview and interrogation techniques of child abuse suspects.
The details emerged as minister without portfolio Kenneth ClarKe told MPs there were about 40 occasions when concerns about interrogation techniques by foreign spies were raised.
admittance that the two underwent difficult interrogation methods, a press
And so dawned a nightmare era in which a CIA with little expertise in interrogation worked desperately to gather information that might protect a nation severely traumatized by the events of Sept.