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Synonyms for interrogate

Synonyms for interrogate

to question thoroughly and relentlessly to verify facts

Synonyms for interrogate

transmit (a signal) for setting off an appropriate response, as in telecommunication

pose a series of questions to


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It is that your Majesty will make him come here, will interrogate him yourself, TETE-A-TETE, without witnesses, and that I shall see your Majesty as soon as you have seen the duke.
Rapid as had been Villefort's glance, it had served to give him an idea of the man he was about to interrogate.
Should any one else interrogate you, say to him what you have said to me, but do not breathe a word of this letter.
It was during a relay that Porthos ventured to interrogate Aramis discreetly.
When shootings take place in regions where there are lots of arms outside of state jurisdiction the army doesn't raid houses or interrogate the inhabitants or anything like that," the source said, "In Fanar, however, where Christians barely have handguns, the army interrogates inhabitants extensively.
Trockel thus interrogates the two sides of our anthropocentric epistemologies--animal and machine--both of which constitute sustained threads in what I am calling her feminist ethics.