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Synonyms for interrelationship

a logical or natural association between two or more things

Synonyms for interrelationship

mutual or reciprocal relation or relatedness

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Their attention to bibliography, to the practice of close reading, and to the concept of time as an organizing element has made them genuinely sensitive to the esthetic values of reading and to the magnetic resonance that constitutes the very substance of the novel: narrative technique, character and plot development, conceptions of time and space, and the interrelationship of these various features with the author's vision.
Editor's Note: Previous articles in this series have dealt with the lack of value creation by the pulp and paper industry, the importance of and interrelationship between manufacturing costs and strategy, a process to improve operating performance through primarily intellectual capital, and improving capital productivity.
It is to be found in the whole pattern or overall interrelationship that emerges so as to incorporate the parts and their simple relationships within a holarchically superordinate form of organization.
Satan's kingdom is not divided against itself, and its perfect unity consists in its consistent opposition to God and His world, God who made the world and everything in it, including man, male and female, and their interrelationship.
Interrelationship between insects and plants has 15 chapters, a glossary, 42 pages of references (including a page and a half of references to the author's work), and three indices (insect, plant, and "general" - but no author index).
By comparing risks on a single matrix of severity and frequency, senior managers can, often for the first time, see a complete picture of all the risks facing the company and their interrelationship.
Like many people interviewed in this article, Kovachev's immediate goal is to "get my butt to Amsterdam" and to participate in "athletics with my gay and lesbian family," to affirm, as he puts it, the interrelationship between body, mind, and, well, gay spirit.
In particular, she examines the reciprocity between ritualistic (or symbolic), body-centered experiences and other, remembered orders of thought and expressions of being, and how this interrelationship contributes to the ongoing formation and expression of identity.
Electromagnetic energy and the human body have an important interrelationship.
However, even if both parties are informed of the interrelationship, negotiations can be uncomfortable, and the tenant may want to back out of the deal.
The author's central concern is with the interrelationship between modernization, both intellectual and economic, and with the behavior of the Berlin Jews.
The effect that each category had on late IDRs as well as on the other categories was diagrammed by the team to form an interrelationship diagram.
More importantly, they need to begin to understand the interrelationship of their own everyday work to the work of others on their shift and to the effectiveness of the whole organization.
The results of the study provide useful information about the relationship between different ratios within each of the industries studied (autos and aerospace, rubber, chemicals, oil, food, steel and textiles), as well as the interrelationship of ratios for the economy as a whole.