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mutual or reciprocal relation or relatedness

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The report also focuses on the interrelatedness of the industry itself, calling upon the need to share information of industry threats, weaknesses and mitigation.
At Brock, the panel presenters developed a number of perspectives that suggest there are opportunities in such mass media dramatizations to promote debate about the history of complex social relationships, but also that the process of producing such interpretations may easily slip into obscuring aspects of the interrelatedness of class, gender, and especially in the case of Bomb Girls, race.
H3: Interrelatedness will interact with interdependencies such that for a focal firm that is less dependent on its partners, high relatedness increases the likelihood of the convergence learning mode and low relatedness increases the likelihood of the ambidextrous learning mode being used in an alliance portfolio.
No doubt, it was this interrelatedness of knowledge and worship that made the early Muslims seek and impart knowledge wholeheartedly and religiously -- not violence and extremism, as global West would like to suggest.
The visual connection between concepts is a powerful tool to allow students to see the interrelatedness of mathematics.
The intimate interrelatedness of the body allows one to address multiple issues through the various systems creating space and opportunity for the body to align in grounded stability, support, vibrance, resilience and tensional integrity.
Only a follower of all the "Paranormal Activity'' films (2007, 2010, 2011, 2012, all mildish R's) will be up to speed on the interrelatedness of plots and characters, and how a vortex of demons, witches and perhaps a touch of Voodoo have haunted, possessed and ultimately killed them.
Although not extreme by the standards of previous years, August 2013 has still been a time of notable flux - a reminder of the interrelatedness of politics, the global economy and financial markets.
We somehow need people to become reacquainted with nature or they can have no clue as the interrelatedness of cause and effect.
She challenges the Western notion of land tenure as private property and strongly believes in the Buddhist notion of "interbeing"--that is, the awareness of the interrelatedness of all living creatures.
I have a bumper sticker in my office that reads everythingconnectstoeverything, and indeed, I see a strong interrelatedness among the themes that emerged from the planning retreat.
The work focuses on the interrelatedness of all animals (humans included), where more usually we tend to highlight the boundaries between us.
That was then; now, thank God, artists can speak freely about the interrelatedness of their work with that of kindred artistic spirits past and present (even if they haven't heard, pace Barthes, that their "work" is actually a "text").
is careful to underscore the close interrelatedness of these topics.
It was noted that "Sri Lanka is particularly mindful of the VDPA's affirmation of the universality, indivisibility, interdependence and interrelatedness of human rights which denotes the equal importance of civil and political rights and economic, social and cultural rights" stressed the delegation.