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mutual or reciprocal relation or relatedness

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The authors address the interrelatedness of ethical, financial, and professional decisions and review the need for teams to be cohesive to meet challenges relating to clinical complexities.
In Maru (1971) and A Question of Power (1974), her second and third novels, Head gives us a vision of human interrelatedness amid haunting images of racial and gender prejudice.
Through creative use of Richard Slotkin's notion of 'frontier myth', Furniss, throughout the book, displays and explains these symbols of crucial interrelatedness along with attendant political implications.
Critical thinking is huge, and they really stress the interrelatedness of all the different subjects.
Why is there so much talk of love, humility, interrelatedness, and interdependence, and yet so little of these values reflected in white people's dealings with people of color?
The editors suggest that there is more interrelatedness among the folk, popular, and literary threads of African American traditions than of mainstream traditions, but they do not go so far as to reflect a resultant, distinct theoretical perspective on these forms.
The systems approach considers the interrelatedness of individuals and looks at the whole instead of at unrelated parts.
As understanding is gained as to the interrelatedness of our world, restrictive class structures have to be modified.
Environmental education is the process of recognizing values and clarifying concepts in order to develop skills and attitudes necessary to understand and appreciate the interrelatedness among (humans).
It is the North American Indian's concept of the interrelatedness of all things.
Typical of his insight is a statement casually dropped near the beginning of his text that fields of corn and rows of social housing represent the same kind of modern monoculture, that the impoverishment of the soil in one and the ennui of the other are but symptoms of the same disease: narrow thinking, exclusive concentration on economic and technical questions, neglect of culture, of memory, of the interrelatedness of things.
The authors utilize a step-building organizational approach to present difficult concepts and interrelatedness of systems in a clear, concise manner.
Rather than pursuing one theme and tracing it through poetic moments, White chooses to consider "whole" poems, at first one by one and then in groupings that search out interrelatedness.
The interrelatedness of the holistic human and goals is an especially important concept to embrace when considering the invasive nature of brain injury on the functioning of an individual.
Despite his clear appreciation of how local people empowered themselves, he resists the temptation to romanticize the struggle or to deny its interrelatedness with larger political developments.