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Synonyms for interrelate

be in a relationship with

place into a mutual relationship

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By conceptually "breaking down" an organization by using various criteria, fresh and useful new ways of understanding how the elements of the organization interrelate may result.
People who act as if they are a group interrelate their actions with more or less care, and focusing on the way this interrelating is done reveals collective mental processes that differ in their degree of development.
While the idea of service oriented architecture is nothing new, improved vendor offerings means insurers can increasingly realize such a model - one where services and components interrelate in a manner independent of platform, programming language, operating system etc in which they sit.
It is common belief that 3G (and later 4G) services will change the way we communicate and interrelate.
In view of their ever-growing importance in the polymer industry there is a need to fully comprehend how supercritical fluids interrelate with polymeric materials to realise the potential that can be gained from their use.
Intricately revealing of this highly engaging and intimate tale of Knowland's spiritual and psychological struggles as his world quickly falls down around him, Shadow Realities carries its readers through an ever-thickening plot as the journal of the sixteenth-century explorer, Cabeza de Vaca mysteriously interrelates with the story line.
In addition, each subproject must have goals and objectives that focus on the common unifying theme that interrelates the subprojects.
While a literature review of relevant research indicates that the influence of language style and gender on leadership potential interrelates with the type of leader sought, further empirical research is needed on the degree to which these factors are interrelated.