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Synonyms for interrelate

be in a relationship with

place into a mutual relationship

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By conceptually "breaking down" an organization by using various criteria, fresh and useful new ways of understanding how the elements of the organization interrelate may result.
But if two different vendors simply interface their products, they create more "points of failure" and cannot interrelate the data.
Agency, danger, fear, negotiation, friendship, love, self-fashioning and role playing, spiritual aspirations and conflicting moral codes all interrelate with pots, pans, houses, food, clothing, disease, life cycles, time and space, as well as the classic issues of class, gender and power, both governmental and informal--a complex tapestry, and a fascinating one, that the Cohens do a fine job of making clear and multifaceted at the same time.
Over time, the data generated in this study will help the researchers understand aspects of prognosis, clinical course, economic status, employment, quality of life, and how these aspects interrelate.
Landry says the new measurements provide a first overview of how ocean ecosystems, global carbon dioxide concentrations, and the physical forces behind El Nino interrelate.