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the time between two reigns, governments, etc

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One such account comes from Sir Philip Warwick (1609-83), a member of Parliament and eventual royalist who served in the king's army, remained in England during the Interregnum, then held office under Charles II.
The issues require making a lot of calls, given the current situation in the country," Shehab told the Central News Agency, adding that the presidential interregnum had lasted for too long.
The book suggests that phenomena such as English musical theater and the presence of women on the stage after the Restoration had their roots in a continuous dramatic tradition, rather than emerging from the silence of the interregnum.
Barclays did fine during the interregnum, run by Sir Peter Middleton, previously a Treasury mandarin.
Ken Olisa, MA, 48, is Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of Interregnum plc, a high tech consulting and business development firm recently listed on the London AIM market.
Almost three-quarters of a century of paranoid delusions of grandeur have not quite recovered the language (let alone the frame of reference) Walter Mehring found in Berlin for "Revelations": "Since [the] Balkan division [of the first Dada dynasty] began the Albanian interregnum in collaboration with the Viennese Bankverein and the Italian Banca Commerciale, and launched its missionary activities among the Shiite Bektashiyahs, even simple jobbers at the stock exchange are beginning to realize.
Summary: French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius will attempt to win Iranian support for three consensus candidates during a visit to Tehran Wednesday, according to Western diplomatic sources, in a bid to end Lebanon's presidential interregnum.
In essence, the book is a history of American diplomatic reaction to British attempts to establish and consolidate imperial hegemony over Persia/Iran and of the dynastic transition from the Qajars, who had ruled over Iran since the late 18th century, to the Pahlevis, who were only to rule (subtracting the democratic interregnum represented by Prime Minister Mohammed Mossadeq, himself overthrown by the CIA in 1953 in favor of the original Shah's son) until the Islamic Revolution of 1979.
This is not to say that such a role was necessarily critical or castigatory, as it was traditionally meant to be, and as it would become during the civil war and interregnum.
Indeed, the likes of Jordan and Paphitis, who are at the forefront of ongoing attempts by First Division clubs to increase their power base, may seek to take advantage of the interregnum.
However, with competitive activity at center stage in California and accelerating in other states, a formal ten-year interregnum would set Ohio apart as the first state to rule that the transition to competition will take as long as is necessary to assure the financial health of the utilities within its jurisdiction.
With its 409th day, the current presidential deadlock exceeds the 408-day interregnum which occurred at the end of President Amine Gemayel's term in September 1988.
He acknowledges the continued existence of Barnum's ghost, then examines museums as representational sites, explores Hawthorne's interrogation of cultural authority in the commercial marketplace, Melville's ideas on ownership and cultural interregnum, Stowes' responses to stage versions of Uncle Tom's Cabin, and Whitman's commentary on the politics of representation and museums as displays of specimens of democracy.
As the editors rightly remark, "The need for a comprehensive reassessment of Marvell's life and writings, in prose as well as verse, is all the greater in that the last two decades have seen a profound revision of the understanding of this history and politics of the Civil War, Interregnum, and Restoration" (3).
As a condition of the investment, made in conjunction with Interregnum, Yospace will set up operations in the West Midlands in the near future.