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the time between two reigns, governments, etc

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Chapter four deliberately erases the Restoration divide by arguing that heroic drama connects the interregnum masque to drama performed in the 1660s and 1670s.
The danger is that much of what the EU rightly pushed for during the good times could hasten its unraveling now, during the current interregnum.
The concluding section addresses the neglected final months of the Interregnum to offer a fresh interpretation of why this once-radical army meekly acquiesced in the Restoration of Charles II in 1660.
Henry Reece's book The Army in Cromwellian England 1649-1660 seeks to rectify this situation by exploring the impact of the standing army on English society during the Interregnum.
He finds that the public remembering of the English civil wars and Interregnum was not caught up in re-fighting the old struggle, but in commending and justifying, or contesting and attacking, the Restoration settlements.
To this day, there remains controversy over whether the English revolution--the violent military clash between King Charles I and Parliament, which would ultimately cost the king his head, and prompt a ten-year interregnum that ended when the former king's son Charles II ascended to the throne.
The diary is particularly useful in our efforts to understand Interregnum religious disputes at a local level.
In the interregnum, however, the Congress has managed to soften the DMK by extending its backing to party chief M.
At the end of the service, churchwarden Margaret Kenworthy expressed thanks to Dean Henry and the Revs John and Jenny Barnes for their ministry during the interregnum.
While MGNREGA is intended to fill the 'job deficit' in the interregnum, we have to focus on longer-term inclusive growth strategies," the survey said.
He replaces Felipe Calderon, who has ruled the country for 12 years of an interregnum for the Institutional Revolutionary Party which has governed Mexico for 71 years.
During the interregnum the Church will be run by the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Jean Villot of France, and the College of Cardinals.
Chapters 3 and 4, are, in turn, devoted to the Interregnum and the Restoration, respectively.
Perhaps the detractors would like to revert back to the interregnum time of Cromwell.
House members voted in the interregnum for Rajya Sabha elections, the sources said.