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Synonyms for interpretation

Synonyms for interpretation

critical explanation or analysis

one's artistic conception as shown by the way in which something such as a dramatic role or musical composition is rendered

Synonyms for interpretation

a mental representation of the meaning or significance of something

the act of interpreting something as expressed in an artistic performance

an explanation of something that is not immediately obvious

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The visual language of some Urhobo art forms of the Niger Delta: process and interpretational Analysis.
Positioned at the heart of an active mechanism of exchanging information between speakers from various cultures (Cheng, 2016a, b), consecutive interpreters adjust to the uttered interpretational setting via judicious alteration and choice.
In sum then, the controversies around Noah seem to stem from rather limited familiarity with the biblical and extra-biblical narratives as well as from the unwillingness to accept the interpretational openness inherent to the Bible.
As an interpretational tool, the fiction offered by Nietzsche is applicable wherever becomes exposed the moment of establishing and legitimizing the value of moral choices exclusively on the base of an existential project of the subject.
According to Tesch (1990) this phase of interpretational analysis "recontextualizes" the data into specific categories, which help to organize the data.
Geologists and other Earth scientists survey advanced computational, observational, and interpretational seismology and geophysics for the benefit of researchers and graduate students in the geosciences.
In a similar way, professional journalism's claim to representation entails an undeclared yet obvious interpretational authority, a selective and politically judging filter that organises public knowledge and hence canalises democratic empowerment (Curran, 2011; Zelizer 1992).
Of course, in serious historiography, there is no room for "of courses," and one wonders what they documentary evidence is, what the interpretational meric is that is being used her for determining sexual preferences.
of Ii le described in the previous chapter, as well as divested of later interpretational accretions.
Contents include general and theoretical aspects of the interpretational applications of the European Convention on human rights, implications of the document in specific areas of international law, conciliatory interpretation under the guise of conflict of norms-resolution, Article 14 and the provisional application of treaties, the United Nation's mission to Kosovo and the UN terror blacklist, complementing occupation law, the law of the sea, investors' rights v.
This was a significant contribution to the data received by the Section for that elongation, from which the Director published extracts in the Journal (121(6) 332-333 [2011]), and it was made the more remarkable by the analysis and interpretational work that Dennis had added to the observations, comparing them with maps of the surface, and hypothesising the influence of volcanic activity on the atmosphere.
According to King & Spalding, translations in themselves create a very tangible interpretational risk in respect of contractual intention, which can have an adverse effect on the fairness of proceedings in a foreign language jurisdiction.
Both explicit and implicit interpretational leads abound, as does factual information.
However, in our initial experience with 2 pilot patients, we found the interpretation of mucosal staining to be difficult and used simultaneous frozen sections with the staining to get an idea of the staining pattern and avoid interpretational errors.
While there are substantial interpretational problems, Shaffer's Black Flag Boricuas provides the reader interested in the history of radical ideas in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and Latin America, along with its migrant communities in the United States, a general introduction to the still obscure topic of Puerto Rican anarchism.
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