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Synonyms for interpretation

Synonyms for interpretation

critical explanation or analysis

one's artistic conception as shown by the way in which something such as a dramatic role or musical composition is rendered

Synonyms for interpretation

a mental representation of the meaning or significance of something

the act of interpreting something as expressed in an artistic performance

an explanation of something that is not immediately obvious

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After all, it does not necessarily follow from the fact that different people bring different understandings to bear upon an artwork, that any resulting interpretation is acceptable.
We might say, in the spirit of Orton, that Johns renders self-evident how metonymy and allegory rule over our lives, or at least over our interpretations.
Research has clearly demonstrated that there is a relationship between the number of distortions made in translation and interpretation and the length of experience of the translator (Acosta & Cristo, 1980; Brislin, 1970; Marcos & Alpert, 1976).
It is simultaneous interpretation that demands the highest level of professional training.
Braden Cummins (Carrier Mills): 1st in Duo Interpretation (with Chanse Tullis), 1st in Program Oral Interpretation
There is a nice section in this chapter explaining evidence interpretation in court, which is very practical for DNA analysts.
Cheshire east council are looking for a single provider of translation and interpretation services.
Part 1 presents the authorAEs original macro-monetary interpretation of MarxAEs logical method and the transformation problem.
By researching the verses, we understand that word of interpretation is not meant to be interpreted in terms of the signified word, except in one verse (Al-Imran/7) that of interpretation is non-interpretation.
The interpretation, made by Kariman Hamza [an ex-TV presenter] was approved because it does not contradict the rules of the Islamic Sharia," said Ali Abdul Baqui, secretary general of the Islamic Research Centre, an important arm of Al Azhar, which licensed the interpretation.
The obvious challenges were an inaccurate interpretation from the transposition of words, misinterpretations or even harm to the patient due to the interpreter's feelings toward the patient.
Two clues direct you to the correct interpretation.
A few no-action letters have been issued to CPAs, providing them with some relief from the narrow interpretation of Release No.
Tools And Techniques For Character Interpretation: A Handbook Of Psychology For Actors, Writers, And Directors by New York actor, dialect coach, and writer, Robert Blumenfeld is an informed and informative study of the interpretive science of psychology and the methodical analysis of acting and character interpretation on stage or before cameras.
NEC verified the high-speed automatic speech translation processing capability of this software on NEC Electronics' MP211 (note 1*) application processor for mobile phones, at an operating frequency of 200MHz, proving that operation of interpretation applications is technologically feasible on small devices like mobile phones.