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Synonyms for interpose

Synonyms for interpose

to put or set into, between, or among another or other things

Synonyms for interpose


Related Words

to insert between other elements

get involved, so as to alter or hinder an action, or through force or threat of force

References in classic literature ?
Jasper interposes, taking his place at the table with a genial smile, 'and so do you, Ned, that Uncle and Nephew are words prohibited here by common consent and express agreement.
States can protect unborn life, but they have to do so in ways that reason with women, rather than just interpose obstacles to women," said Reva Siegel, a Yale Law School professor who has written about Roe v.
The court stated that where counsel in the hearing of the jury make statements of prejudicial matters, which are not in evidence, it is the duty of the court to interpose and prevent the same and all needful and proper instructions to the jury endeavor to remove the improper impression from their minds.
Just as they claimed the right to interpose their power between the federal government and their populations over slavery and other issues in the 19th century, the southern states claimed the right to ignore the Supreme Court's desegregation order in Brown vs.
Two primary reasons motivate taxpayers to interpose an S corporation between themselves and LLC ownership.
We all know that book designers never read the grey matter making up that boring stuff we readers call text, but this person has decided to interpose ridiculous 'artistic' lines all over the place.
Hancock Bank has successfully introduced InteliData Technologies' Interpose Bill Payment Suite in an ASP environment.
That customers are the essential part of profit is a reality that sometimes has difficulty penetrating the layers of intermediaries who interpose themselves over time.
NS-4700 -- a 2U rackmount system featuring e-Gap technology to interpose a physical separation between the public network and the customer's internal network.
We elected to incise the scar and interpose a graft as a spacer to expand the nostril opening.
Nasdaq: INTD) announced today that Hancock Bank (Nasdaq: HBHC) has successfully launched InteliData's Interpose Bill Payment Suite(TM) in an ASP environment.
Bob Rehm, Senior Vice President Sales and Marketing of Southwest Corporate Federal Credit Union said of InteliData, " We believe the flexibility and scalability of the Interpose solution is best suited to enable Southwest Corporate to meet the electronic bill payment needs of our members.
Letter Ruling (TAM) 9518002, in which a taxpayer attempted to interpose a third party and use option agreements to transfer stock out of his estate but still retain voting control, was (not surprisingly) decided against the taxpayer.
REBNY Lease form [paragraph] 26 states that: "It is further mutually agreed that in the event Owner commences any summary proceeding for possession of the premises, Tenant will not interpose any counterclaim of whatever nature or description in any such proceeding.
Accompanying verbal narratives--audiotapes, played in the exhibition space, of Weems reading the words of her mother, grandmothers, and cousins, along with her own interpretative comments--make use of the associative ramblings and colloquialisms of direct speech and interpose a female viewpoint into the narration.