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reciprocal action and reaction

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In addition to developing a solution that enables tight integration of Avid Interplay | MAM with Quantum archive solutions, Avid also has joined the Quantum Advantage Program(TM).
We anticipate that Interplay MAM will enable us to accelerate our entire production workflow, maximize our business opportunities, and deliver content to our audience in entirely new ways.
Leamington bass player Adrian Litvinoff's five-piece Interplay also concern themselves with a Cuban-flavoured sound on some numbers, not so much in an attempt at authenticity, but merging this influence with a jazz soloing approach.
The ingest of all materials is managed centrally from the Avid Interplay Capture system, which increases the speed and accuracy of media acquisition through advanced automated feed scheduling and control.
Interplay had sold the Fallout IP to Bethesda in 2007 for $5.
Judicialization of politics; the interplay of institutional structure, legal doctrine, and politics on the High Court of Australia.
The Interplay name is used with the permission of the Interplay Entertainment Corp.
This petition is about two of the traditional three R's - reading, writing, and arithmetic; it concerns learning letter formation and learning to read, both of which require continuous interplay between the different perceptual attunements of central and paracentral areas of the retina.
involvement in the modern Middle East weighs the interplay of domestic, cultural, religious, diplomatic, international, and military events.
Video game maker Bethesda sought to enjoin fellow video game maker Interplay from infringing on copyrights related to the "Fallout" game series.
JOHN Foxx and The Maths will be performing material from their new album Interplay as well as classic songs from early Ultravox and Foxx''s solo career.
Kristen Hallet Rzasa, Owner, Interplay Health; InterPlay Health is a "whole-life" enhancement company dedicated to helping women get jazzed about fitness and nutrition as a way to total wellness.
Cynthia Winton- Henry and Phil Porter believed that it is, and conceptualised the technique called Interplay in 1989.
College-level collections strong in either music or psychology will find this an intriguing, scholarly interplay between music and psychology.
It covers such topics as: digital rights management technology; steganography; tampering and attacks on original information, signal processing for biometrics and forensic analysis, quality metrics and benchmarking, information embedding, and the interplay of technology with legal and ethical issues.