interplanetary dust

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microscopic particles in the interplanetary medium

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Also, detailed understanding of the meteoritic ions in the totally different Earth and Mars environments will be useful for better predicting consequences of interplanetary dust impacts in other yet-unexplored solar system atmospheres.
SDC (Venetia Burney Student Dust Counter): Built and operated by students at University of Colorado; measures interplanetary dust that strikes New Horizons during its long voyage.
But last year, the rock star decided to fish out his unfinished work on interplanetary dust clouds.
However, Professor Napier, research astronomer at Armagh Observatory, has found that collisions with interplanetary dust will quickly erode the ejected boulders to smaller fragments and that these tiny, life-bearing fragments may be driven out of the solar system by the pressure of sunlight in a few years.
Here is where the reader discovers interplanetary dust, what presumably happened in the great Siberian Tunguska event of 1908, what meteorites do when they land on earth, and a host of other interesting tidbits of information.
This is the interplanetary dust hypothesis, which temporarily "takes the heat" off the ice sheet modellers, who might be trying to manipulate parameters involved in complicated feedback processes.
Assuming that 1% is lost each year and 1% of that reaches Earth, the influx would be comparable to that of natural interplanetary dust particles, which has no noticeable effects.
Examples of non-biological sources include chemical reactions in water at ancient Martian hot springs or delivery of organic material to Mars by interplanetary dust or fragments of asteroids and comets.
25 ( ANI ): Researchers have discovered that interplanetary dust particles (IDPs) can deliver water and organics to the Earth and other terrestrial planets.
The zodiacal light is interplanetary dust, mostly from disintegrated short-period (Jupiter-family) comets, that has gradually spiraled into the inner solar system.
Researchers have found a new mineral within an interplanetary dust particle.
They spent the last six months gigging, ahead of the release of EP Motions Of Interplanetary Dust and a second album coming soon.
The chronograph can detect sunlight that has been reflected by nearby objects, usually interplanetary dust or gas, but occasionally comets or planets.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Researchers have discovered that interplanetary dust particles could deliver water and organics to the Earth and other terrestrial planets.
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