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occurring among or involving several people

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Interpersonal sensitivity, which is defined as undue and excessive awareness of and sensitivity to the behavior and feelings of others,[3] can negatively affect emotional state.
Interpersonal sensitivity comprises five main components including interpersonal awareness, need for approval, separation anxiety, timidity, and fragile inner-self.
An important aspect of being human is the need for, and ability to participate in, interpersonal relationships (Frances, 1996).
An individual's problems may trace back to patterns of interaction early in his or her life (Sullivan, 1853), and interpersonal interaction, or relationship between the individual (client) and another (therapist), initiates their resolution (Prochaska, 1979).
This paper tries to know and understand role and function of social contact of computer network in interpersonal relationship of undergraduate from the perspective of philosophy of science and technology (Brok, 2012).
Main features of interpersonal relationship of undergraduate under the effect of social contact of computer network
personality preferences, age, gender, socio-economic and educational background; Develop a Flashes of Insight guide that lists interpersonal communications tips and techniques;
Based on the assumption that marital relationships can be comprehended from interactions between the members of the dyad, it is possible that models constructed to map interpersonal patterns can be applied to this issue.
parental acceptance-rejection, interpersonal problems, conversion disorder
Particular attention was paid to establishing a diagnosis, understanding her personality, especially with regard to her interpersonal relationships, and excluding factors that would make her unsuitable for psychotherapy, e.
In this study, I focused on interpersonal harmony in organizations, using both qualitative and quantitative methods.
In the study, 151 bereaved adults with scores of at least 30 on the Inventory of Complicated Grief had 16 individual weekly sessions of either CGT or interpersonal therapy.
Interpersonal self-support represents the idealized interpersonal dispositions with respect to effective interpersonal problems solving, harmonious social relationships, and good character in China's collectivistic and interdependent culture (Xia, 2010).
The third and most potent source of influence, however, is perhaps one you may have given less attention to developing: interpersonal power.
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