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penetrate mutually or be interlocked

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Above all, they effectively get to the essence of the phenomenon, which lies in the fact that patronage assumes its form right at the point where language and social practice interpenetrate.
They interpenetrate each other, integrating an organic whole of human knowledge that is permeating and influencing all corners of human activities.
Like the bench scientist working with a hypothesis and, beneath that hypothesis, a set of scientific laws and theories, Freedman, as a Marxist and a Freudian, is putting one living cultural artifact after another onto the balance, judging how, taken altogether, "high and mass culture interpenetrate and mutually vitalize one another in complex ways" (37).
cult and carnival interpenetrate as ways of transcending, expanding, or multiplying t he self, the first through trance and vertigo and the simulation of spirits, the second as mimicry, theater and disguise.
The languages of the law and of theatre interpenetrate one another, so that the spectacularity of violence is expressed through the language of the law while the violence of the law takes the form of theatrical spectacle.
The essay seems on the verge of drifting apart into disparate fragments, but in the end it coalesces around the idea that interior space (thoughts, feelings, the study) can and should interpenetrate exterior space (nature, society, history).
These eight approaches interpenetrate, buttress, and interrogate one another in complex ways, thereby presenting a major exegetical challenge.
However, the three types of cytoskeletal filaments can also interpenetrate and form contacts with each other and with specialized structures in cell membranes to provide mechanical continuity throughout the cell.
Once one admits that Origen's relativizing of the authority of textual narrative is warranted at least as much as the Antiochene hermeneutic by the ancient Christian assumption that everywhere matter and spirit interpenetrate and by the Christian belief that God's incarnation does not make the otherness of God less other, one might then discover in Origen far more concern for establishing intrinsic links between the akolouthia of biblical narrative and the fuller world of its deeper meanings than seems to be the case at first.
It is fundamentally anti-hierarchical, and that involves justice on so many levels because of the way women interpenetrate everywhere.
Neither faith nor doubt, he argues in Derridean vein, can be called a supplement to the other's origin; they interpenetrate each other.
Classical theory predicts that the reaction rate in this situation should increase steadily as the two substances gradually interpenetrate and mix.
Altoon had by the mid-'60s seized the airbrush to produce works that brought line and color together, even if, as in the above example, they touch rather than fully interpenetrate.
He approaches both text-fiction and comics as a literary and art critic, but hones in on how the economic and the ecological interpenetrate in the various ways they register the biophysical limits of productive activity.