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question formally about policy or government business

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In a given time many ideologies subtly interpellate an individual; it is a contestation of sorts.
Middle-class lifestyles interpellate a welcoming public that identifies with or aspires to greater prosperity, better health and a higher standard of living.
In this model, female genital invisibility and reluctance have a relationship with cultural events that interpellate the vulva as excessive, distasteful, or threatening.
Thus, the city might be contemplated as rhizomatic structure, in its associations across strata, its assemblages, its schizzes and its petit narratives, similar to the ways in which the visuality of the graphic novel creates meaning across panels, not in a linear fashion but through aggregation of visual presences, constantly refigured and reiterated in various interpellate ways.
Rather than assert a globalized political platform, define the terms of a necessary antagonism for revolutionary fruition, or work to interpellate disparate populations into a unitary political subjectivity, they ultimately abdicate from asserting any claim to revolutionary certainty.
Ryder in Brideshead Revisited, Waugh would reject "critics and their horrible jargon," as in the discussion of "The New Negro, which attempted both to articulate a New Negro episteme and to interpellate its artists as the constituents of a movement"-a mild example but mercifully short.
However, what is pertinent to the issues relating to the reception of Greenland revolves around the difficulty posed by representing utopia, which is that in depicting the "not-yet," the tendency is to produce such an imaginative utopian leap that the portrayal either fails to interpellate comprehending spectators or threatens to underwhelm or bore audiences by its assimilation of utopian subjectivity with non-utopian terms.
Biesta's phrase "how we call those we teach" encompasses both what we call those we teach and how we interpellate them.
mystical power to interpellate, to call and bid things to come forth
The thesis of this paper, if I should mention it at this early stage, is that any kind of repressive regime or oppressive system seeks to interpellate, to silence and even objectify those it dominates.
What is here at stake is how contemporary literature in general, and Self's novel in particular, uses different devices and tropes, like lines or intertextual references, to render the sublime and thus interpellate our emotions.
By doing so, we show how neoliberal discourses of choice, flexibility, and self-transformation shift in meaning, not only in relation to who they interpellate (Blackman, 2004: 2006), but also according to the grammar and content of the television genre by which they are operationalised.
It follows that these novels are all, to a lesser or greater extent, divided against themselves: they project a reader they have not and, indeed, cannot interpellate as a subject.
The Trotsky, far from being a much-needed political film, one that actually could interpellate real life students towards the politics of our time, is much more of a family comedy.
The desire to experience such a transformation led Ball to utilize poetry as part of a broader project of cultural de-programming, an 'erasure' of the social texts that interpellate and constitute the subject under capital: