internment camp

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a camp for prisoners of war

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It was really nice to see a different perspective on the internment camps.
Their cases were examined individually, and those who were flagged, sometimes because of rumors or reports by neighbors, wound up in internment camps.
Walking earlier this year into the South Texas Family Residential Center, a detention center for undocumented women and children, Satsuki Ina was reminded of her own early childhood - which she spent in internment camps for Japanese Americans.
Vacant land in the 1960s between Shepton | |Road and Parbrook Road, Huyton, site of part of the WWII internment camp
The Japanese American experience became something to survive rather than embrace in the World War II internment camps, an ugly moment in American history.
A deputy attorney general (DAG) on behalf of interior ministry told the judge that so far 41 Pakistanis had been repatriated from Bagram Theatre Internment Camp, Afghanistan and two were still detained.
Takei, who with his family spent World War II in Japanese-American internment camps, described his childhood to audiences in Okinawa, Osaka, Tokyo and Sendai.
ACTRESS Tamzin Outhwaite was distraught after discovering her great- grandfather was sent to an internment camp during the Second World War.
Gunn's family was locked up by the Japanese in the Philippines at the infamous Santo Tomas Internment camp.
A CALIFORNIA man who missed his 1942 graduation because he was locked in an internment camp for Japanese-Americans has finally fulfilled his dream.
The law officer made these submissions before Justice Muhammad Khalid Mehmood Khan who was hearing a petition filed by Sultana Noon for the release of Pakistanis detained at Bagram Theatre Internment Camp in Afghanistan.
He was sent to the Central Internment Camp in Ahmednagar, situated on a plateau about 610 metres above sea level in the Ahmednagar Cantonment Area, where a British garrison was permanently stationed throughout the year.
Taken by a German ship to France and then to imprisonment in a German internment camp the women faced a situation known to others.
From 1945 to 1912, the Manzanar War Relocation Center, an internment camp in Inyo County for Japanese American citizens and resident aliens during World War II, lay deserted and disremembered--a forgotten and hidden part of the state's history.
Her experience in an internment camp and her strength will aid in her survival in this moving saga