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a computer connected to the internet that maintains a series of web pages on the World Wide Web

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The Megan's Law Internet site currently catalogs information on 63,000 of California's nearly 100,000 registered sex offenders.
Our technology platform and new Internet site is the most sophisticated within the industry--allowing our senior managers and brokers to efficiently and effectively grow our business.
We visited 132 accounting firms' Internet sites recognized by Harcourt Brace Professional Publishing as winners of the weekly Top Five Accounting Internet Site award.
COM, the official Internet site of the National Association of Realtors, which features existing and new home listings and real estate agent and broker services.
It is not just the content at your internet site that can constitute infringement.
Moreover, the likelihood of this will be greatly enhanced if the business has engaged an agent or independent contractor in the state to create or operate an Internet site, provide telecommunications or other distribution services, assist customers or solicit potential customers.
If the user wants more detail on this particular item, they can simply click on the hyperlink and it takes them right to that portion of the IBM Internet site.
San Diego police linked the 39 people to a group called Heaven's Gate that maintained an elaborate Internet site under that name.
Similarly, the editorial content of an Internet site may be kid-friendly even though the advertising it displays isn't.
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