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a person who is interned

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USA, resulted in a settlement, in which the US government agreed to issue apology letters and compensation of $5,000 to each internee.
and his approximately 1,200 fellow German and Austrian internees at Hutchinson camp in Douglas, the Isle's capital city, internment meant hardship, deprivation, and disillusionment.
Internees who committed suicide were barred from burial in the consecrated ground of the cemetery associated with the camp "by the Churches," to which Martine responded by helping in their burial (Martine 2004:190).
There was a statistically significant difference between scores of first year and internee groups for items 2 and 3 of SDS scale.
Seventy years after, 17 of the former internees, now called Bay Area Civilian Ex-Prisoners of War (BACEPOW), paid a commemorative visit to UST and shared their unforgettable experiences during the war.
Surfing safely There are some things you need to keep in mind when it comes to surfing the internee safely.
20, 250 former internees returned to the prairie where the internment camp used to stand to meet old friends and see their experiences memorialized in the Heart Mountain Interpretive Learning Center, a new educational facility which opened the same day.
One of the first problems facing the internees was to establish a sense of routine in the face of totally disrupted patterns of life.
Despite the difficult situation, internee spirit was clearly quite high at times (Leck 2006, 278, 473; Carey 1967, 9).
Though some of the internees get absorbed in the very offices, thousands of them are dragged to unemployment owing to non-availability of funds or vacancies who doubt their future amidst prevailing unemployment situation.
According to the Venkateshwarsa Homeopathic Medical College, all female internees are required to wear sarees and male internees formal pants and shirt during the one-year compulsory resident internship.
His early years as a wartime internee in a camp in Shanghai were the subject of the Spielberg film Empire of the Sun.
In 1988, President Reagan, calling the internments "a grave wrong," signed a reparations bill that provided a $20,000 payment for each surviving internee.
His move coincided with new allegations of torture from Martin Mubanga, another British internee.