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put under international control

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make international in character

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Although there is no best way to internationalize a college or university, nor is there a point at which an institution can declare itself fully internationalized, this paper focused on internationalizing U.
Furthermore, an internationalized curriculum provides opportunities for students to develop an international disciplinary perspective, as well as to develop an understanding of their place in this complex world.
As a programmatic document on the internationalized operations of central enterprises promulgated by SASAC in 2011, the Outline sets forth the guidelines, principles, major objectives and development focuses of the internationalized operations of central enterprises.
The issue shall not be internationalized, but (remain) within the framework of ASEAN and China in order not to escalate it,'' Sry Thammarong, adviser to Hun Sen, quoted the premier as telling the Chinese leader.
Structured interviews of key internationalization decision-makers in 168 Colombian firms (103 of which internationalized, 65 of which chose to remain domestic-only) revealed that our expectations that severe national economic conditions and social and local network behavior did not differentiate firms as much as impressions of the threat of incursion by foreign MNEs, responding to the actions of domestic competitors, and pursuing attractive foreign markets.
Table 2 first compares existing firms who have internationalized with those that have not; those that have internationalized indicate a higher growth orientation (in support of Hypothesis 1c) and a larger management team (in support of Hypothesis 2c).
ICANN is also in the process of developing and implementing an outreach plan to insure better coordination among all bodies that are necessary for the implementation of internationalized top level labels into the Internet.
In the absence of a universal code of procedural law, Knoops analyzes actual procedure before various international and internationalized criminal courts.
Nonetheless, the rapid growth of the world's population, the concentration of economic activities in cities prone to natural disasters, and the internationalized nature of the world economy have made us more vulnerable.
These problems could lead even the most ardent early adapter to conclude that internationalized domain names are more trouble than they are worth.
The group focuses on the internationalization of a core set of APIs and components of Linux distributions in order to achieve a common Linux environment where an internationalized Linux application can be executed and behave correctly regardless of the underlying Linux distribution.
The environmental minister for the UK, for example, suggested a less internationalized and more localized agricultural production as a result of the outbreak.
Or will popular resistance, which must itself become internationalized to succeed, be able to dismantle these evolving structures of violence and domination, and carry forward the centuries-old process of expansion of freedom, justice, and democracy that is now being aborted, even reversed?
However, to maintain progress toward that goal, the report concludes, the magnetic fusion program that the United States has pursued for the last 40 years as mainly a national project will have to be internationalized.
The first demonstration of email transmission using a fully Internationalized address held at the APTLD Members Meeting in Amman, Jordan
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