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put under international control

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make international in character

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As such, strategically creating an academic environment that brings America students together with international students, and vice versa, is one of the many synergistic ways academic institutions can increase their enrollment and internationalize themselves.
Faculty who have not been involved in the development of the institution's mandate to internationalize may perceive the call to internationalize their courses to be mandated from a top-down perspective and may resent what they regard as an intrusion into their rights of academic freedom and integrity [45].
We compare the level of international commitment by both nascent and existing firms on the basis of (1) their decision to internationalize (Bloodgood et al.
Consistent with this, owners/founders or managers who have more positive perceptions of the international environment will also be more likely to internationalize their own small businesses.
CAIRO, Nov 29 (KUNA) -- Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas said on Saturday it is ineluctable to internationalize the Palestinian cause amid Israel's continuing recalcitrance and hard-mindedness.
DAMASCUS, (SANA)- A number of Syrian politicians and opposition figures criticized the Arab League decision on suspending Syria's membership in the League , considering it as a start to internationalize the crisis and a declaration of war on Syria.
Many idealists who insist the United States needs to internationalize ask, "What if world government promoted liberty, free enterprise, and free trade?
Student study abroad was cited by many as an effective way to internationalize teacher training, although logistical challenges were noted.
The China Innovation Center for High Technology Enterprises will be ''China's first overseas innovation center to help its science and technology-based enterprises internationalize,'' said a statement issued by Singapore's Economic Development Board.
When New York and Quebec Province tried to internationalize the SSC by the back door, proposing a site that crosses the border between them, the U.
running out of men and money to sustain overseas commitments, some arrangement to internationalize the burden will be worked out through the UN, Williamson predicts.
BEIJING, April 1 Kyodo China indicated Thursday it will resist attempts by the Philippines to internationalize their territorial dispute over Mischief Reef, and instead called on Manila to seek a solution through bilateral talks.
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