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the act of bringing something under international control

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It should be emphasized that this kind of study has special relevance in countries of the Global South (5), which still face structural challenges in terms of access, equity, quality, and importance (Gacel-Avila, 2012) and tend to be passive in the context of internationalization, "providing brains, financial resources, and buying educational products" from countries in which internationalization takes a more active role (Lima & Contel, 2011, p.
The text is organized as follows: after this introduction, an overview of internationalization in contemporary higher education is presented.
We do so by drawing on the work of Penrose (1959) to argue that there is a non-linear effect of internationalization speed on firms' performance that is moderated both by the geographic scope of firms' expansion path and by their international experience.
Drawing on Penrose's (1959) insight into the limits of rapid firm growth allows us not only to theorize about the performance effects of internationalization speed but also to expand the scope of the Penrosean perspective to explain internationalization speed as an under-researched facet of firms' internationalization strategies.
Bearing this in mind, we have conducted a qualitative exploratory marketing research by contacting different professionals on the internationalization field, fact that has allowed us to gather qualified and non-biased primary data for bettering our understanding and insights in the field.
A firm's internationalization is highly dependent on the strategic positioning previously planned by the company (Lu and Beamish, 2001).
Based on the discussion, this article describes the internationalization practices from six different dimensions: Cultural curriculums (the cross-cultural lessons that students take), International vision integration (the international knowledge and vision shared by the teachers in the class), Lectures given by foreign teachers (those academic courses and language courses taught by foreign teachers), Overseas Study (the exchange or study abroad program over a month period), Communication with foreigners (the communication between the students in home country and international students as well as foreign teachers), Engagement in international activities (students' participation in international conferences and international communication programs).
The fundamental analysis of home internationalization practices
The perception of export barriers by a company's decision-makers is one of the key factors shaping the internationalization behaviour of firms (Artega-Ortiz & Fernandez-Ortiz, 2010).
Extant research on barriers to internationalization yields a number of conclusive findings.
The theoretical framework for this meta-analysis depicts the relationship between internationalization and firm performance.
Several theories try to explain the internationalization process of firms and how international firms perform (Dunning, 1988; Vernon, 1966).
UNESCO (2006) defines internationalization of education as "It is higher education that takes place in situations where the teacher, student, program, institution or provider and course materials become cross-national.
Section 3explains the issues related to the quality of internationalization in higher education.
Scholars and experts regard the process of internationalization as a prompt response to the widespread phenomenon of globalization (Altbach and Knight, 2007; Chan and Dimmok, 2008; de Wit, 2009; Knight, 2004; Ninomiya et al.